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Author, Adjunct Professor of Innovation, Entrepreneur, Futurist

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Michael Tchong – Unbox Your Thinking
Michael Tchong

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According to a Spanish proverb, “Life is a series of collisions with the future.” This is a poignant reminder that our future can change abruptly and dramatically. By gaining a solid grasp of the influential concept of Ubertrends, it is feasible to predict future outcomes based on prevailing societal dynamics.

Ubertrends are tsunami-like waves of change that reshape business and consumer market behavior. They are powered by the fast flowing currents of change caused by technology, evolving consumer expectations and disruptive innovations.

These massive waves lead to major shifts in human values, helping fuel breakthrough innovations that, in turn, contribute to transformational tidal waves, magnifying their impact on society. These remarkable shifts have made “change readiness” a top priority for us.

Let Michael Tchong take you on a thrilling ride through the “landscape of now” as he vividly illustrates the metamorphosis of our world under the confluence of Ubertrends and disruptive innovations. The speed of this digital transformation can be daunting, but Michael offers insightful guidance and actionable thought catalysts to ignite the necessary dialog and creativity to keep you ahead.


This engaging discourse will not only equip you with actionable insights to achieve business growth but also enable you to instill a culture of excellence within your organization. To address a rapidly changing world, Michael presents strategies that combine traditional business methods with emerging technologies.

This discussion will also take a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities presented by generative AI in the current landscape. As
artificial intelligence continues to evolve and permeate every aspect of business, it brings both new opportunities for innovation and novel challenges to overcome.

Michael will provide expert analysis of the implications of AI on various business sectors, offering strategic guidance on how to leverage this technology for growth and success. Michael’s exploration of AI will not stop at its current capabilities. He will forecast the potential of generative AI and its likely impact on business processes, productivity, and workforce dynamics. Furthermore, he will touch upon ethical considerations, addressing concerns about data privacy and security in an increasingly AI-driven landscape.

This comprehensive conversation with Michael will go beyond surface-level understanding, equipping you with practical strategies, a deeper appreciation for the transformative power of AI, and the foresight to navigate its potential pitfalls. Whether you’re a business leader seeking to drive growth, an AI enthusiast, or simply interested in understanding the current and future implications of AI, this session promises valuable insights and thought- provoking discussions.


Garnering acclaim as “America’s most influential trend-spotter” from the U.K.’s Telegraph, Michael Tchong has been instrumental in reshaping the discourse around technology. Join us as he provides his incisive insights on the technological landscape and its future. Dive deep into an intriguing exploration of the exciting prospects and potential pitfalls of a world increasingly driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

As an acclaimed trend analyst, Michael’s perspective is poised to provide a comprehensive, clear-eyed understanding of the role of technology in our lives today and its trajectory. His analyses will also highlight the compelling opportunities AI presents, from revolutionizing industries to facilitating groundbreaking solutions for global challenges.

Simultaneously, Michael will delve into the concerns surrounding an AI- centric future, encompassing issues related to privacy, ethics, and workforce implications. In offering a balanced view, he brings an essential understanding of the complexity of our tech-driven future. This conversation promises to be an enlightening journey through the lens of a leading trend- spotter, ideal for anyone keen on understanding the accelerating intersection between technology and our daily lives.


In 2008, a glass faucet seller in St. Louis hit a roadblock, he couldn’t make a sale due to an inability to accept credit cards. His predicament sparked an idea, and Square (now called “Block”) was born. By developing a pioneering card reader that connects to a smartphone’s audio port, Square turned the
magnetic stripe of a credit card into audio pulses, revolutionizing mobile payment processing. This innovation has propelled Block (SQ) to generate over $19 billion in revenues in its most recent fiscal year.

As Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates observes, “Innovation fundamentally shifts the trajectory of development.” Indeed, in today’s business landscape, harnessing the power of cutting-edge innovation is integral to product
success. But how can one cultivate such transformative ideation breakthroughs?

Join us on a captivating journey through the present-day landscape, illustrating why industry leaders need to innovate continuously, and why the user experience (UX) will serve as the most significant differentiator in the future, and how certain types of innovation contribute the most to an
organization’s bottom line.

In this engaging discussion, Michael, an adjunct professor of innovation at the University of San Francisco, will offer practical tools and techniques to unlock your creativity and elevate your “innovation quotient” (IQ). As we move into a future that demands disruptive solutions, honing this skill set is not just beneficial but absolutely crucial.

In this enlightening session, Michael Tchong, a renowned futurist, delves into the escalating prominence of women in business and society despite the setbacks experienced during the pandemic. This progress aligns with an
overarching Ubertrend that points to a future that is progressively female-centric. You will emerge from this session invigorated by the
accomplishments of women and empowered to accelerate your personal and professional journey.

The concept of the Woman’s Acceptance Factor (WAF) suggests a future where women shape societal dynamics. Already, women are the leading participants in one of today’s largest global conversations, social media. This trend explains why incidents like the 2014 Gamergate controversy garnered such rapid escalation and attention.

Our discussion will delve into the societal undercurrents that fuel the growing influence of women in business and politics, a force that is recasting global culture. Discover the innovation opportunities currently emerging and future implications brought about by the ripple effects of the Woman’s Acceptance Factor. This dialogue offers a deep dive into the changing societal landscape, equipping you with knowledge and inspiration to navigate the transformative times ahead.



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