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Researched Motivation and Persuasion

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Mike Lipkin

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We are all part of each others’ ecosystem. Success is reciprocal. The most desirable people are those that build a reputation for helping other people win. They are the Potentiators. They activate ultimate success by helping others function at their best.

Potentiators are not born, they make themselves. They are ordinary people that are driven to cause breakthrough outcomes for others. They’ve learnt that they are only as good as how good they can make others. They want to make their gifts count. You can find them at every level. They’re the ones enabling the success of everyone else.

They are always the students and always the teachers. They are intentional and purposeful in their relationships. No jerks, shirkers, sloths, takers, fakers, wimps, quitters, cynics, bullies, bigots, hermits or cruisers allowed. They keep the main thing the main thing. And the main thing is always to push the envelope on behalf of their community.

The art of enabling others to achieve the outcomes that matter most, while you expand their capacity to sustain remarkable performance. No matter what you do, you’re a leader and you’re a coach. The two are inseparable from each other. Leading without coaching is malpractice. It’s short-sighted and unsustainable. On the other hand, “Leading like a coach” is when you enable, not mandate. You inspire, not intimidate. You expand, not constrict. You make people happy, not miserable – including yourself.

The ultimate game-changer is the ability to empower people with the skills and inspiration to thrive on massive change. We are only as successful as the people that coached us along the way. They are the ones that build our capacity to create the outcomes that matter most. They are leaders that build a following of leaders.

Over the past 26 years, Mike Lipkin has coached over a million people in 43 countries. Together with his colleagues at Environics, Mike studies the people that enable others to achieve extraordinary results. In this eye-opening program, Mike shares their ten essential practices with you in a way that will equip you to take immediate action:

1. Be Curious. Discover for yourself.
2. Make It Your Mission. Identify yourself
as a capacity catalyst.
3. Focus On The Prize. Become a conduit of fulfillment.
4. Make A Plan. Discern the 6 W’s: What, why, how, who, when, where.
5. Partner With Purpose. Help others win and winners will want to work with you.
6. Ask, Don’t Tell. Open peoples’ minds through powerful questions.
7. Actively Listen. Foster an emotional safety- zone where people can be entirely candid.
8. Get Out There. Nothing worthwhile ever happens behind your desk.
9. Communicate Like a Champion. Build your vocabulary of victory.
10. Never forget why you signed up.
Act like you just made the decision today.

Over the past 25 years, superstar coach Mike Lipkin has studied and worked with thousands of disruptors around the world. In this thrilling guide to personal success, he shows us that the key to extraordinary success is to have so much fun that you become the source of other’s joy. This program is filled with mind-opening insights and examples that will inspire you to act like a disruptor – someone that creates the future one step at a time. There is an amazing breakthrough that is currently just beyond your reach. Mike Lipkin will help you grasp it. The people closest to you are counting on it. It’s time to dance.

Mike Lipkin is the founder and CEO of Environics/Lipkin, one of Canada’s leading training and motivation companies. He is also a global coach that has worked with a million people in 43 countries. He lives in Toronto. Dancing with Disruption is his seventh book.

Where are you in the ageing cycle? Are you new? Are you about to be horribly surprised? Or are you already playing catch-up? Wherever you are, it’s time to practice self-rejuvenation as though your life depends on it because it does.

The Core Axes: the lines around which your world turns; the lines directing the forward motion of your life; the series of points that define your mental and emotional equilibrium.

After two years of social withdrawal, there is a new engagement and vitality shaping the way Canadians think, live, and work. Just underneath the surface of the crises and uncertainty, there are a cluster of social trends signaling a dynamic future. And the New Champions are at the vanguard.

The choice to act is always emotional. The heart rules, especially when the options are so similar in form and function. It’s the 80:20 principle of Buying Behaviour. 80% is emotional, and the rational 20% is merely there to preserve one’s wellbeing.

Surprise is the new expected. Uncertainty is the new certainty. Disruption is the new continuity. Everything is up for grabs all the time. But there is a logic to the chaos. The best people grasp the pattern of sustained change transforming their industries. They’re boldly going where their competitors are afraid to follow. They’re confident, committed and connected. And they’re magnetized to the organizations that reflect their vision for themselves.

Maestro is the Italian word for Master or Teacher. It comes from the world of classical music, but it is also the ultimate professional accolade. It’s the title awarded to people who magnetize us through their mastery…

Personal Alchemy: Unique ability within every person to create value; exclusive magic that makes every person irresistible & unstoppable.

In today’s brutal marketplace, sales and service excellence won’t cut it. Excellence merely give you the right to be in the game. To win the sales and service game, you have to achieve preeminence. You have to become the symbol of superior performance, the benchmark by which all others are judged.

“I know what you want. It’s what I want. It’s what we all want. To Thrive. On The Cusp. That’s what this book is about: Thriving On The Cusp, with a passion that helps others do the same.”

“The quality of your future is a direct function of the quality of conversations you have with the people in your life. Extraordinary relationships are created one preeminent conversation at a time.” Mike Lipkin

Learn techniques for building relationships, gaining trust and delivering the “wow” with clients.


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“You were awesome. I loved the way you always exceed our high expectations. You inspired the sales force and you left them focused and fascinated.”

— Pfizer US.

“Our two day conference was a huge success and we could not have done it without you! Your ability to engage the audience and gain their participation was amazing. They really enjoyed your presentation and felt motivated to go back to their team and apply the learnings. Your presentation scored highest of any we have ever had, coming in at 4.71 out of 5 on our follow up survey. Direct verbatims from our survey included; “excellent, fantastic, engaging and enjoyable, amazing speaker, motivational, involved the audience.”

— TD Canada Trust

“Thanks for a great contribution to the success of our program in Toronto last week. I know we can always count on you to deliver motivational perspectives, to add value, and to energize the team. It is a pleasure working with you, and looking downstream, I look forward to future opportunities to work together to master the new realities.”

— Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

“Mike Lipkin was fabulous and very well received by approximately 175 people! Phenomenal turnout!”

— AstraZeneca Canada Inc.
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