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Founder of One Billion Happy

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6 Programs By This Presenter

In this seminal talk, Mo Gawdat aims to offer an Engineering approach to happiness based on his International bestselling book, Solve for Happy.

The talk discusses the biggest myth we believe about happiness in the modern world and how to overcome the reasons for unhappiness. It offers a solid model to work with, the 6-7-5 model, and takes the audience through practical actions they can take then and there to start their journey on a path to uninterrupted happiness.

At the end of the talk, attendees are left with a much clearer understanding of the steps they need to take in order to find happiness even in the harshest of circumstances; and with a clear call to action to invest in their own happiness and the happiness of those they love.

In this popular talk, Mo Gawdat openly discusses – through the lens of a former executive at Google [X] – the current rate of advancement of technology and the expected technological innovation that will follow in the next 10 to 20 years. Providing a 30-year tech insider’s overview of the state of technology present and future, Mo goes on to address the pressing ethical question this impending science fiction- like reality will bring. If Artificial Intelligence learns from humans, how do we prevent it from imitating our worst intentions? How do we raise this potentially destructive child in a way that ensures the continued success (and survival) of humanity in this brand-new world?

At the end of this talk, the audience will be given a unique, accurate insider’s view of the incredible – and in many ways, worrying- wave approaching so they may clearly understand the role each of us has to play to ensure our success as it materializes.

The very essence of what makes us human – happiness, compassion and love – is what will save humanity in the age of the machines.”

In Mo’s most popular talk during the COVID-19 pandemic, he answers the following questions: We all want to be happy, but life can be hard. What can we do to stay positive and find hope even in the face of loss and adversity?

As Chief Business Officer at Google X, Mo developed “moonshot” ideas to help make the world a better place. Following the tragic death of his son Ali, Mo began a mission to help people become happier.

In this unique talk, Mo reflects on the challenges facing our world and shares his secrets for finding silver linings even in a crisis. Mo has discovered that happiness follows a predictable equation and has distilled this into practical actions which are relevant to all of us, no matter our circumstances.

In this talk, Mo Gawdat offers solid research on how happiness affects productivity and performance at work, the difference between employee happiness vs. satisfaction, and how managers and HR managers can build an environment that promotes employee happiness based on his international bestseller – Solve for Happy – and his 11 years of experience as a Google executive.

At the end of the talk, the attendees will be left with a much clearer understanding of the value employee happiness brings to company performance and the clear steps to take in order to create a work environment that promotes happiness.

Control is a pervasive modern day illusion. Among professionals, it leads to work related stress that blurs our judgment and leads to wrong decision-making in the work environment. It also goes home with us to cause suffering and unhappiness. Mo is a former control freak who learned the hard way the truth about control.

In this talk, Mo uses a variety of methods – from a scientific mathematical approach to ancient philosophy – to bust the myths surrounding our concept of control. He clarifies the downsides of our constant attempts to achieve such an elusive target and lays out simple rules to help audiences progress further in life and at work through calculated prioritization, attention allocation, and committed acceptance.

In this talk aimed at decision makers, innovators and policy makers, Mo openly shares the secrets of Google’s innovation factory, [X], through a look at what worked and changed the world and what needed improvement. With a critical insider’s eye, he shares a systematic approach to building an innovation factory that can transcend the restrictive guidelines of any organization.

By the end of this talk, Mo leaves the audience with an understanding that the difference between the most and the least innovative organizations is a matter of commitment, mindset, and process. He clarifies, at a top level, the details of these differences and leaves the audience with the confidence that they too can foster an environment of innovation, along with a call to action to make it happen.

Mo accepts only a handful of requests for this talk each year, which he gives exclusively behind closed doors for select groups of executives. His insights have been instrumental in affecting directional change for several major organizations and visionary governments since 2017.

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