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Global Award-Winning Speaker & CEO of Monica Motivates, Former Global Director of Strategy and Innovation for The McDonald’s Division of The Coca-Cola Company

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Treating Your Life Like A Fortune 100 Company
Monica Motivates – Our Story
Commitment To Closing The Opportunity Gap For African-American Women

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In this session, Monica focuses on individuals examining at how they invest in themselves by understanding the limiting beliefs that hold us back.  Monica provides steps and tools that can help shift the balance in striving for being the best we can be.

Despite the great strides women have made at work, the surprising truth is that significant obstacles continue to dampen their progress. Even women themselves don’t always recognize how prevalent the subtle barriers to advancement remain.

Too often, they conclude there’s something wrong with them or that it’s all in their heads when workplaces punish them for many of the same behaviors that win men accolades. But the consequences to their careers are real – less mentoring and sponsorship, fewer promotions, lower tolerance for mistakes, ongoing microaggressions, questioning of their authority and expertise, double standards and double binds. The obstacles are even greater for women of color.

During this keynote, Monica McCoy gives professional women the straight story on harmful practices that can slow, or even derail, advancement in corporate environments or in founding, funding and growing your own business.  McCoy’s message is clear and inspiring – we know what works to help women break through, we just need to share the message with more women!

This keynote dives into why everyone today needs a personal brand. It’s also important how you define it, what you use it for and how to get engaged in the art of communication via social. The ultimate focus on this topic is about bringing your voice to the conversation in ways that matter.

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