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Creativity Strategist, Future of Work Expert, Award Winning Author

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Curiosity is the new currency.”  -Natalie Nixon 
The businesses and organizations that lead with inquiry and empathy are ultimately the most innovative.  Integrating design thinking, lean and agile methods are a few ways to do this.  That’s because curiosity and empathic leadership are rooted in open, growth mindsets.  They also generate collaborative work environments and lead to building customer-centered products and services.  In this session, Natalie Nixon shares the major and practical business outcomes that are directly tied to inquiry-based leadership.

“The best algorithms will still depend on humans asking a better question.” — Natalie Nixon

The future of work will require more than a familiarity with virtual reality, big data, artificial intelligence and robotics.  It will require people with a heightened creative capacity.

In the 4th industrial revolution where cloud technology, automation and cryptocurrency are realities, boundaries between technology and humans have completely blurred. Now more than ever, the human quotient and the creativity are critical business assets.  In this session, Natalie Nixon offers provocative ways to embrace the future of work and outlines 4 shifts every organization must make to be nimble and adaptive.

“Plans are fiction.  They haven’t happened yet.  Learn to improvise.”  — Natalie Nixon

We all know that the only constant in life is change; yet we don’t design adaptive organizations. Most companies are disrupted because they do not know what business they are actually in and what their customers really need. This session will lead you through principles of improvisation and the key questions your leadership should be able to answer and then use to assist teams and employees.

“The more diverse the inputs, the more innovative the output.” -Natalie Nixon

Business management guru, Peter Drucker, was famous for having written that “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” He was right. Unfortunately, most companies only pay attention to organization culture when it’s too late in the game. In this session, Natalie Nixon will leave you with tips for developing the 3 tenets of culture—people, process and place—to design an organizational culture that is primed for innovation and a prosperous future state.

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