Celebrate National Immunization Awareness Month with 3 Tips on How to Get Vaccinated!

Posted by Alexis Washington

August is finally here!

Being that August is the last month of summer fun, it is very easy to forget that school is right around the corner! It is important to make sure you take the proper steps to get immunization shots to ensure that you and everyone around you will be safe and healthy!

Each August we take the time out to acknowledge National Immunization Awareness Month. This month is important for a number of reasons. With deadly outbreaks of diseases and viruses such as the Ebola virus, it is essential to see the necessities of proper sanitation and immunization and why it is critical to be aware of it. Fortunately, we have included some tips and advice on how to tackle National Immunization Awareness Month.

#1. Get vaccinated. Going back to school is an exciting time, but it is also a time to make sure that you’re perfectly healthy so that all those around you will remain perfectly healthy. Getting vaccinated not only benefits you, but it also benefits your community. A healthy community greatly contributes to a productive society.

#2. Raise awareness. Let everybody in your community know the importance of getting vaccinated. Encourage them to get routine check ups and to report any early signs of illnesses that could potentially develop into something much worse. It is better to know early on and to catch any potential disease and viruses in their early stages.

#3. Make an immunization schedule. Whether you’re going off to college or traveling out of the country, it is important to know the proper dates to get vaccine shots. Scheduling your doctor appointments in advance makes it much easier to remember when you are due to get your vaccine shots. In addition, scheduling routine hospital visits lessens the chances of you catching a virus or any other serious illnesses while living in a new area.

With these tips in mind, we hope you can take the proper precautions to getting vaccinated and join us in celebrating National Immunization Awareness Month. Together we can ensure our good health and help protect our community around us.

For more information about immunization, vaccines and any other topics regarding health, be sure to book one of our Health and Wellness Speakers or contact us at 1.800.345.5607.

Posted by Alexis Washington
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