Meet Two Keynote Speakers Who are Making Waves of Change for the Ocean

Posted by Alexis Washington

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National Ocean Month is held every June, and celebrates all the resources and incredible creatures of the sea. It was originally created in 1983, with the goal to recognize the importance of harnessing the seas for our country’s national security and growth.

These two keynote speakers are oceanographers who are known for their successful explorations. From developing technology for underwater expeditions, to discovering the Titanic wreckage — they have both made great contributions to the oceans.

Dr. Robert Ballard

dr. robert ballardFormer United States Navy officer and a professor of oceanography, Dr. Robert Ballard, is most known for his famous Titanic discovery. Dr. Robert is very active in the ocean community with roles such as being the founder and President of the Ocean Exploration Trust, Director of the Center for Ocean Exploration and more. He is a pioneer in the development of deep-sea submersibles and remotely operated vehicle systems, and has taken part in more than 140 deep-sea expeditions. In 1985, Dr. Robert discovered the RMS Titanic, and has succeeded in tracking down numerous other significant shipwrecks. He also discovered hydrothermal vents and “black smokers” in the Galapagos Rift and East Pacific Rise. As a keynote speaker, Dr. Robert shares fascinating stories from his deep-sea expeditions, and connects them to topics such as science and goal setting.

David Gallo

david galloA pioneer in ocean exploration, David Gallo is an enthusiastic ambassador about the relationship between humanity and the sea. For more than 30 years, David has been at the forefront of ocean exploration, participating in the development of new technologies and scientific discoveries that help shape the view of our planet. He is a firm believer that humans need to recognize the oceans critical role in providing the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat — and not take advantage of them. In his keynote presentations, David conveys the excitement and importance of ocean exploration to his audiences. He has spoken internationally to audiences ranging from children to CEO’s, has done 8 TED Talks, and has appeared in numerous documentaries to share his insight.

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Posted by Alexis Washington
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