Nick Santonastasso

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Achievement & Peak Performance Influencer

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Never say you can’t, ask how you can. With this in mind, Nick Santonastasso provides audiences with strategies, frameworks, tools and systems from the top achievers in the world. He teaches professionals how to be better leaders and perform at their optimal level by annihilating excuses and becoming victors of their own life.  

In this power-packed talk, Nick shares his step-by-step approach to become a better leader, gain more confidence, improve your finances, improve your health, and find out your true life purpose to have fulfillment and make more of an impact.

Nick is living proof that no matter what life has dealt you, you can still take charge and play your hand to the best of your ability.

Sharing his remarkable life story, he shows you how some of your biggest challenges can become your biggest breakthroughs. Even in your most dire moments when you feel like you can’t go on, YOU have the power to improve yourself, learn new skills, and tackle your greatest struggles. Whether you want to boost your sales skills, get in shape, live a happy life, or be a great parent, YOU have the power of choice to acquire those skills.

When Nick decided to become a bodybuilder, there was no special guide written for people “born with no legs and one arm” on how to get in shape. He didn’t know how he was going to do it nor how long it would take, but he did have confidence in his ability to learn what he needed to meet his goal. His remarkable journey will motivate you to see your goals through, reminding you that the only limits you have are the ones you put on yourself.

There will always be people who say you “can’t” do something. When Nick decided to become a wrestler in high school, people laughed at him asking him how he was going to become a wrestler with only one arm and no legs. His response: he set the bar higher and became a varsity wrestler who packed auditoriums and inspired thousands of complete strangers.

This story is just one example of Nick’s attitude on life, or as he puts it: “The biggest motivational speech that you can give me, is telling me that I can’t do something.”

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