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Futurist | Strategist | International Keynote Speaker

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A tongue-in-cheek exploration into the impact of emerging technologies on cities and buildings into the future.

  1. Hear about cutting-edge technologies, and understand the disruptive impact that they will have in the future, and already having today.
  2. Learn how to make the argument for why your organization cannot stand still in this ever-changing environment, leveraging Nikki’s insights from leading the technology strategy of a $17 Billion global real estate portfolio through its’ digital transformation.
  3. Understand the steps that you can take today to be prepared for tomorrow’s increasingly tech-enabled future.

This topic is for real estate audiences with an interest in the convergence of physical space and cyber space, and how the design of future-places impacts on the inhabitants of generations to come.


Original tips and insights on how to make workplaces productive, preferable and profitable in the age of flexible working.

  1. Understand why putting a changed person in an unchanged environment inevitably back-fires – and how to reverse the trend.
  2. Learn a Human-centered approach to creating a high performance workplace culture that will serve your organization well into the future.
  3. Receive tips on how to successfully embed innovation and flexibility into decision-making to get break-through results.

What organizations must do today to capture the attention of the world’s largest population group, digital native Gen-Z. 

  1. Nikki will deliver global insights on the role that emerging technologies play in our digital future, and provide guidance on how to differentiate between passing fads vs true disruptors.
  2. By understanding what matters to Gen-Z, Nikki translates trend data into actionable tips on how to design products and marketing campaigns that will appeal to the iGeneration.
  3. As a millennial, hear from Nikki on what she believes Gen-Z has learnt from the hard lessons of her generation, and understand the actions that you should take today to get into the Gen-Z mindset.

This talk is for everyone across organizations looking to build loyalty with Gen-Z, who encompass both their future customer, and future workforce. 


How to use Design Thinking to solve big problems and get break-through results.


  1. Be challenged to design future-focussed strategies that embrace emerging technologies. 
  2. Leaders will learn how to translate their vision into a tangible reality, leveraging Nikki’s lived-examples as an architect on transformative, city-shaping projects.
  3. Nikki will guide leaders on how to capitalize on the opportunities created during downturns, leveraging her expertise in future-focussed strategic planning. 
  4. Gain tips on how to design organization strategies today, to meet the needs of tomorrow.

This talk is for leaders and change-makers, looking to lead with a long-term focus in the digital age.


“I believe the audience had their eyebrows raised a few times and the leaders starting to think about generation Z more seriously. I hope that we get a change to have [her] onboard again in another setting, great way for everyone to get up to speed on the trends out there.”


— CBRE Global Investors

“Nikki was so amazing and [we] are receiving rave reviews from the event attendees.”

— President, CREW

“The perfect blend of charisma, levity and insight”

— Global Real Estate, IBM

“They thought topic was on point for what we’re all going through as we transition back to work. The [audience] felt engaged and were not bored with anything. It was great -really great!!”

— Director of Major Events, CREW

“I’m so thankful that we engaged Nikki Greenberg. It was such a great way to segway to talk about our organization’s future vision”

— Vice Chair, Appraisers Foundation

“Nikki’s topic ‘The 2030 Opportunity’ enabled us to all think about what’s coming next, highlighting mega trends that will shape the future of our industry. [We had] an outstanding turnout and insightful event, thanks so much Nikki!”

— Opteon

“Extremely engaging, fascinating stuff”

— Editor-in-Chief, Commercial Observer

“What Nikki said resonated throughout the rest of the [executive board] meeting.  More than once, our asset/portfolio managers said “as Nikki referenced earlier”.  It was really a perfect fit for us.”

— AEW Capital Management
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