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New York Times Best-Selling Author

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Ori Brafman

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When Starfish networks decide to embrace inclusion as a strategic imperative, they hold the power to change the face of industry. Drawing on research from his best-selling books and examples from the U.S. military to blockchain technologies and Fortune 500 companies, Ori shows how organizations that embrace decentralization and inclusion function more effectively, with the agility and adaptability necessary in today’s rapidly changing world. He demonstrates how even the largest, most hierarchical organizations utilize Starfish principles to harness the power of distributed networks, and argues that leaders should develop an instinct for inclusion in order to build and maintain trust and power. Ori leaves the audience with practical takeaways for leveraging inclusive networks toward organizational success.

Inclusion is no longer a “nice-to-have”; it’s a strategic imperative. In this presentation, Ori shares stories from his new best-selling book and beyond that bring to life the evidence that he and his Radical Inclusion co-author, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen.(R) Martin Dempsey, have nearly nothing in common—except a deep and unwavering belief that the hard problems we face in our businesses, at the national level, and internationally can be solved with better leadership.

Drawing on examples from business, academia, government, and the military, Ori will show:

  • How the speed and accessibility of information create digital echoes that make facts vulnerable
  • How the fear of losing control is pushing us toward exclusion and why leaders should develop an instinct for inclusion
  • How to create networks of inclusion within the organization
  • How to leverage inclusion to improve communication and gain better knowledge from all edges of the organization
  • How to create ongoing processes to ensure inclusion continues to be leveraged toward organizational success

    Ori provides audiences with stories, practical takeaways, and the tools necessary to address today’s real leadership challenges.

  • When you cut off the head of a spider, it dies. But when you cut off the arm of a starfish, it grows one back. In this classic presentation, Ori leads the audience back in time to demonstrate how throughout history, organizations operating without a central head win out over centralized ones.

    Drawing on examples from the U.S. military to the Tea Party to Fortune 500 companies, Ori will show:

  • How decentralized organizations act and make decisions with greater agility and adaptability
  • How today’s business world is utilizing decentralization to increase effectiveness
  • What proven, simple methods can be adopted to introduce decentralized networks within top-down structures
  • How to create ongoing processes to ensure decentralization efforts continue over time and throughout the organization

    Ori provides audiences with an understanding of how even the most hierarchical organizations can introduce pockets of decentralization for better business results. Audiences leave with the practical tools and takeaways necessary for creating decentralized networks within their organizations.

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    “Ori is an exceptional thinker who has the unique ability to motivate people to envision their better selves. He is smart, witty, and someone who can imagine the future in a way people can relate to.” – Jim Kaitz, CEO/President of the Association for Financial Professionals “Profound ideas . . . Ori Brafman is someone I would always take the time to listen to.”

    — General (Ret.) Martin Dempsey, 18th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

    “Everyone should have the chance to listen to Ori speak at least once in their life. He’s one of the smartest, most knowledgeable, and most intellectually curious people I’ve ever met, and his ideas are changing the world as we know it.”

    — Chicago Bulls

    “Recently we had the pleasure of Ori speaking at several DaVita events to our senior leadership team…His very unique perspective left the audience with a lot of thoughtful questions and ideas to help us think about our organization differently. Ideas generated from his talk are already reverberating around our company… We couldn’t ask for more from a keynote speaker!”

    — DaVita, Inc.

    “Ori has the ability to address complex and controversial topics with a great depth of understanding, while demonstrating a disarming and respectful grace that only comes when grounded in self-confidence and courage.”

    — The STRIVE Group

    “Ori delivered a presentation that resonated with every generation and group represented within our 6,500 person organization, and his talk has been referenced and reviewed repeatedly as we move forward with the vision of the Wing. We are proud to include Ori within our network and call him a member of the 4th Fighter Wing team. We are eternally grateful for his investment in our development as an organization.”

    — U.S. Air Force
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