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Cultivating cultures of engagement, meaningful connection and more of "What's GOOD!"

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The Fundamism Experience
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Organizations around the globe are challenged right now to create engaging experiences with a workforce and customer base that feel as disconnected as ever.

Speaker, author, podcaster and master of shenanigans, Paul Long leverages his concept of “Fundamism” to deliver a live keynote unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Paul’s message will lead you through a wealth of emotions as you laugh, think, reflect and have FUN while learning tactical tips to create more meaningful interactions with others.

Through his FUNdamentals, Paul will empower you to make strides in improving your quality of life at home and work. When applied, these practical behaviors are proven to create more joy, FUN and fulfillment while improving business results.

Looking to improve employee engagement, customer experience, company culture, leadership skills or overall job satisfaction? Connecting the Workplace and Life Through FUN! will provide a roadmap to next steps. At a time where society appears to be more focused on what’s not working as opposed to what is, embrace the opportunity to experience and create more of “what’s GOOD!”

When was the last time you felt inspired by the service you received?

World-class service experiences can help create customer loyalty, overcome price disparity from competitors and most importantly, positively impact the course of someone’s day.

Customers are longing for understanding, empathy and connection to others genuinely interested in helping. Organizations that facilitate these interactions with consumers will positively differentiate themselves in the market.

Whether you are customer-facing, work in a back office, or regularly interact with internal members of your organization, Paul’s FUNdamentals of Awe-Inspiring Service will arm you with tactical ideas to enhance the experience you provide. You will leave with a stronger understanding of the difference one person can make by showing a genuine interest in others and learn specific techniques on how to do so. An added benefit? The same humor, passion and energy that Paul has become known for might just inspire you to create positive change in other aspects of life.

Consumers are tired of feeling like just another number. Be a catalyst in the inspiration of others and leave customers in awe of the service you provide!

What if everyone in your organization could identify true fulfillment, feel empowered to create it and embraced joy through the process?

Our work environment, workforce and traditional market strategies are evolving. Through this evolution, one thing remains consistent, an overwhelming human desire to feel fulfilled.

In this keynote experience, Paul Long leverages his concept of “Fundamism” to deliver a more deliberate approach in the creation of professional and personal fulfillment. Organizational change, culture and our professional experience are created both top down and the bottom up. Impactful leaders consistently find a way to help teams feel empowered to manifest the experience they desire.

Whether you are a leader of a team, family or just looking for ways to lead yourself, Paul’s FUNdamentals Of Meaningful Leadership will arm you with tactical ideas to enhance your overall effectiveness. An added benefit? Paul’s unique delivery and infectious energy will lead you through a wealth of emotions as you laugh, think and have FUN.

At a time where many are waiting for others to create fulfillment for them, be the leader who feels empowered to and helps others manifest it themselves!

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