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Author, Restauranteur, Top Keynote Speaker

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Dive into deep, controversial and complex topics, distilled eloquently for execution today. Pauline Nguyen shares how true leaders hold others accountable while being “compassionately assertive.” People who want to join the new future of leaders must walk the walk, not just talk the talk. From her experiences as a refugee to being named one of the 200 Women Who Will Change the Way You See the World, Pauline shares why the greatest leaders lead with diversity and inclusion not just as social responsibilities, but as powerful weapons for business. Find out why The Huffington Post described Pauline as “the most grounded spiritual entrepreneur on the planet.” Discover the 4 pivotal components of evolving leadership: conscious leadership, self-mastery, competent vulnerability and diversity and inclusion.

It’s time to disrupt the disruption.  For the life of the modern conscious leader, the highly competitive business environment can be a battlefield. Having worked with, coached and facilitated entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, corporate executives and leaders from all walks of life, Pauline has seen many incredibly gifted, driven, passionate and purposeful leaders fraying at the edges diseased and dis-eased.  Sure, they may boast that they have a lot of money in the bank but they are spiritually bankrupt and are struggling to find joy, purpose, satisfaction, happiness and harmony.  At an organizational level they are burned out, stressed out and frazzled. In this riveting keynote, Pauline speaks to The Way of Spiritual Entrepreneur and why ‘The Way’ ultimately presents a radically new and meaningful paradigm that enhances and enriches everyone who embraces it.  Especially if the goal is to build and sustain vibrant, creative and profitable organizations with engaged, energised, inspired and productive teams over the long run.

Through the mastery of her story telling, Pauline will take you on a delicious and tumultuous journey of how and why Red Lantern, after 21 years in business, still holds the mantle of ‘The Most Awarded Vietnamese Restaurant in the World’ in what is a truly challenging, fickle and competitive industry.  Find out what it takes to sustain a business for more than two decades with Calm Courage, Resonating Resilience and Tacit Grit to do what needs to be done for yourself and your people.

These last couple of years have proved one certainty – there is no certainty.  But what if you could walk away from your event with one absolute certainty? Their unwavering internal certainty.  No matter what role you play in your industry, Pauline Nguyen explains the you’re your organization can innovate, thrive, and grow, starting with the most important foundation in your business – YOU.  Self-Leadership is Key.  Self-Mastery is Key.  Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.  As a gifted storyteller, working CEO, and through her lens of self-mastery, this dynamic force combines her knowledge and personal experience to provide the stories, tools and strategies to master your inner game so that you can unlock your infinite potential – Fearless, Stress-Free and Unshakable in business and in life.  Because every Next Level of your life will demand a Next Level version of you.  Key takeaways include:
  • How to move from transactional to transformational.
  • How to master the process, not the outcome.
  • How to use Fear as a tailwind and not a headwind.
  • Actionable strategies and takeaways for the new business paradigm.
Recent times have shown on a global scale that there are no certainties in life and that disruption is unavoidable; yet Pauline’s message shines through the chaos. As she says, “Pain is inevitable, but suffering is the choice.” Pauline truly knows at a cellular level that courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyway. As a winner of the Telstra Australia Business Award for Medium Business and as an original Rare Bird (Australia’s Top 50 Influential Female Entrepreneurs), Pauline has a deep, vital understanding of what it takes to lead from the front. Speaking from direct experience, Pauline shares her invaluable skills of self-mastery, courage, resilience, and grit, and how these traits are the ultimate foundations to personal and professional success. Audiences learn:
  • How to rid yourself of stress and fear to lead from a place of calm courage.
  • How to be prepared to learn and prepared to act.
  • Why you must shun the idea of competing with others, in order to rise to the top of your field.
  • What it takes to be a leader of power and substance in times of change and disruption.
  • How to create, and embody courage, resilience, and grit, at a personal and organizational level.
  • Why joy, fulfillment, and inspiration is the key to a recipe of success for an organization and how to get more of it.

A broad and dynamic keynote, in this powerful experience Pauline explains four of the most pivotal components in becoming a successful leader. This isn’t your regular business coaching speech – dive into deep, controversial and complex topics, distilled eloquently for execution today. Pauline explains the importance of self-mastery, required before mastering anything else in life. Drawing on learnings from running the world’s most awarded Vietnamese restaurant, Red Lantern, she imparts why true leaders hold others accountable whilst being ‘compassionately assertive’. That those who want to be part of the new future of leaders must walk the walk, not just talk the talk. From her experience coming to Australia as a refugee and eventually garnering accolades including being one of Australia’s Top 50 Influential Female Entrepreneurs, and worldwide recognition as one of 200 Women Who Will Change the Way You View the World, Pauline explains why the greatest leaders of our time lead with diversity and inclusion not as just social responsibilities, but as powerful weapons for business. Find out why The Huffington Post described Pauline as “the most grounded spiritual entrepreneur on the planet”. Audiences learn:

  • Diversity and Inclusion – How embracing multiple perspectives leads to more powerfully effective problem-solving skills
  • Vulnerable Leadership – How to lead with power and not force
  • Self-Mastery – How to manage your energy and your emotions to become the most calm ,and composed Leader
  • Self-Leadership – What do Leaders Do? They go first. How to scientifically increase your intuition and awareness to intelligently lead your team with competence, courage and charisma

We’ve all heard of post-traumatic stress. Pauline herself knew it first-hand, her father suffering from PTSD due to his involvement in the Vietnam War. Coming to Australia as a refugee and living in a refugee camp provided many opportunities for Pauline’s trauma to overcome her, too – but she took a different path.

In this keynote, Pauline teaches the ability to channel post-traumatic healing and growth. This is the ability to turn traditionally perceived trauma and cultivate a therapeutic learning and growth opportunity from it, with unbridled flow on effects including personally, with relationships and in business.

Using her own experience in the field of trauma, Pauline explains in layman’s terms how to take your past hardships and use them to make yourself a more powerful, learned and savvy person – with direct impact on your professional life.


  • The Four R’s of Healing
  • How to develop actionable mechanisms for dealing with past trauma
  • Why “self-care” isn’t sufficient for personal growth
  • How to turn traumatic happenings into strength

Combining a proven mix of visualization, hypnosis, N.L.P, psychology and shamanic voice activation alongside expertly crafted binaural beats, each meditation is designed to focus on a specific result, giving the listener the competitive advantage in business and in life. These meditations are unlike anything you’ve heard before. Using her shamanic gifts which she has called upon to physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally heal countless others, Pauline draws from Eastern and Western modalities, utilizing the knowledge and skills she has absorbed from working with the Masters over two decades. How we deal with crisis is how we deal with life and in both business and in life, we are constantly faced with adversity and challenges. The way you show up in those times determines your internal harmony and external success. Meditation is the bridge to self-mastery; encouraging the training of the mind to transform emotional energy to a place of power and autonomy, marrying success and fulfilment in an unparalleled experience.


“Pauline is an energizing breath of fresh air. She took us on a journey, made us laugh, cry and inspired us to improve ourselves. Pauline connected with us, touched us all and left us changed forever.”

— Women in Digital Programs Lead, DELL

“Pauline held the audience on the edge of their seats with a presentation that was powerful, moving and inspirational.”

— Head of Engagement and Community Services, FPA

“People that have been to many conferences commented, BEST SPEAKER EVER HEARD. Great speaker, great person, great experience”


“Pauline’s theatrical delivery invites the listener to experience the emotions of life, its sufferings and joys- all in the framework of a positive tomorrow. We need more of this positive, hope-filled vision of our world.”

— Head of Information Services, Danebank
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