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The Focusologist, Motivational Speaker/ Strategic Business Coach

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The Energy Of Thought – Penny Zenker

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Make time work for you rather than against you. 59% of workers feel physically depleted, emotionally drained, and mentally distracted. Focusing on what is most important is not easy in the best of times. Today’s political, social, and environmental issues are huge emotional trigger points and can distract and exhaust you if you are not careful. Managing our time and energy has never been more important. It isn’t just knowing what to do but having gatekeepers that helps you do what you know and stay on course.

• Learn what most people get wrong about resilience

• Insights into day-to-day application of the 80/20 rule to reach goals faster

• Identify top distractions and what it is costing you

• Reveal 3 segments of gatekeepers and specific strategies to protect and direct your priorities

Due to constant distraction, temptation and impulsivity, our attention span has reduced down less than that of the goldfish. It is time to worry. During our breaks we don’t rest and recover, we further stimulate which increases the level of distraction and impulse to further distract. It is a viscous cycle.

To make matters worse, it isn’t only the distractions that keep us from our attention but also when we do routine jobs and activities, we go into auto-pilot also letting our guard down and not paying attention. Auto pilot is just as much a risk as impulsive distractions.

In this session, we create a heighted awareness around the problem, the costs and implications and solutions to break the pattern of distractions and take back our focus.

• Create a heighted awareness of your distractions

• Identify top distractions and what it is costing you

• How to disarm temptation

• How to override auto-pilot

• Reveal 3 segments of gatekeepers and how to use them to protect your focus

Penny teaches a greater understanding of focus and how to control and direct the energy of our thoughts which in turn will impact our feelings and our actions. Like the Placebo Effect, the energy of your thought dictates your results. Penny leads an interactive session to show the role of energy, what affects it and identify the gaps in your personal and personal life.

Participants will:

• Review the Science of behavior

• Reveal negative thought patterns

• Apply 4 fundamentals to reframe unproductive thinking

• Coach others using these skills

Other titles used for this content: Better Every day, The Energy of Your Culture

Relationships are built and destroyed through communication. Communication is the cornerstone of productivity. Without Trust and communication productivity falls dramatically. Taking ownership for the delivery and the receipt of communication will improve your relationships, your influence, your leadership skills and elevate your success in everything you do.

Participants will:

• Understand the tools of verbal and non-verbal communication

• ABC framework of relational intelligence (empathy, listening, relationship focused)

• Apply 5 fundamentals of communication

• Learn strategies to manage and avoid conflict and build trust during difficult situations

97% of managers think tactically because they are too busy to think differently. Stress, worry, and hurry stunt creativity. Often people don’t know where to start and no one is providing them with the guidance. Why do some embrace change and others resist? We discuss how it these changes and constraints can be the catalyst to find new solutions and overcome the seemingly impossible. This program will engage you in out-of-the-box thinking to enhance creativity, open to new perspectives and open up greater potential.

• Learn to shift your focus and see constraints as catalysts

• Provide structures for creative thinking

• Recognize and breakthrough bottlenecks

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