Peter Roussel

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Former White House Deputy Press Secretary

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Peter Roussel- Entertainment Speaker

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Drawing on these experiences as a presidential spokesperson, he has fashioned this speech presentation which one audience called “sensational.” The result? His talk takes a look at the sometime raucous and humorous relationship between the press and the presidency by one who lived it. Hear how he survived the intensity of legendary reporters such as Sam Donaldson and Helen Thomas.

Peter Roussel first began observing presidential campaigns in 1968. Little did he realize then that one day he would have the opportunity to participate in such. To this speech he brings such historical perspective and insights which he often sums up thusly: “In a presidential campaign, 24 hours can be an eternity. The current one is no exception.” Thus far of the 2012 campaign he has observed: “At this point, it’s a giant rollercoaster ride where you can seem to expect the unexpected.” Stay tuned.

Here is a serio-comic novel about the fast lane that provides an illuminating portrait of the ad lib humor that often accompanies the seriousness of the press-presidency process. Roussel, a native Texan, began his public service career in 1969, and has served two tours of duty in the White House under presidents Ford and Reagan. In this speech he brings that world to life with a compelling presentation which also hopefully provides inspiration for other potential authors.


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“…during your speech I could tell that you completely exceeded the members’ expectations!”

— Women’s Council of Realtors

“I’ve tried to come up with a short phrase to adequately describe your speech. Although this does not come remotely close – you were incredible! You are the absolute best story teller… The fact that we turned out such an impressive crowd in the middle of our horrific summer, and the day after a tropical storm is all thanks to you!”

— The Throne Group

“You could have heard a pin drop in the audience when you spoke about our experiences… in the White House.”

— The Houston Forum

“…wonderful comments… you’ve got the right formula for informing, educating and entertaining!!”

— Morgan Stanley

“Peter is an engaging speaker who shares humor in every story he tells of his amazing political career.”

— Westfield Insurance
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