Peter Warmka

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Former CIA Spy, Professional Human Hacker and Social Engineer

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I take the audience through the stages of a social engineering attack starting with information collection on the organization as well as people who work there. I then demonstrate how this information is utilized across 4 different social engineering attack vectors to effectively manipulate targets thereby circumventing technological controls and leading to security breaches.

Most successful data breaches are initiated by human hacking. Threat actors carefully select, assess, and manipulate key employees within a target organization who in turn become the “insider threat.” Advanced social engineering techniques are employed to effectively circumvent the policies, procedures and technological controls put in place to safeguard proprietary information, client data and sensitive personnel records.

For over 20 years of his career with the Central Intelligence Agency, Peter developed expertise in the identification, assessment, and manipulation of insiders to breach the security of target organizations in pursuit of high value foreign intelligence. He now shares his insight to help protect organizations and employees against external threats.


he prospect of their organization suffering a devastating data breach is becoming a growing concern among C-Suite executives worldwide. Such breaches are conducted by a variety of threat actors who design and execute increasingly more sophisticated attacks to steal information (proprietary, client data, customer records) or to conduct financial extorsion in the form of ransomware or business email compromise (BEC). Such attacks can lead to a significant loss in operations and even force the enterprise out of business. C-Suite executives can no longer view security, whether physical or cyber, as a cost accounting item, but rather, an investment in people, processes and technologies.

In this session, Peter will leverage his expertise as a former intelligence officer, to help attendees understand the mindset of threat actors and the methodologies they use to turn employees into insider threats. He will then provide tips on how the C-Suite can lead and foster a successful trans


“He remains on our list of coveted repeat speakers.

— CFE Program Manager of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE)

I’d recommend him to any format of conference.

— Vice President of the Florida Association of Governmental Fleet Administrators (FLAGFA)

“I’ve had the pleasure working with Peter for multiple events in the cybersecurity space. He’s a fantastic presenter, providing his experience and knowledge to an audience of veteran practitioners and he held rapt attention from the audience. Peter has been super easy and flexible to work with. I look forward to working with him in the future.”

— Director, Event Content & Strategy CyberRisk Alliance

“Peter was selected to be a keynote speaker at ASIS Middle East 2022 Security Conference & Expo held in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, after attending his presentation at GSX 2022. He delivered a well-designed and impactful speech about deep fakes which was a new topic for conference attendees. His extensive knowledge of the topic as well as understanding of the Saudi culture made his keynote unique and well-received by the audience.”

— Speaker Affairs Head ASIS Middle East Conference

“Peter gave a frightening yet enlightening keynote presentation drawn from his experiences as a “human hacker” for the CIA. The participants were fascinated by his tales of real-life social engineering attacks and methods for safeguarding against them. A must-see for anyone regardless of position or industry!”

— President & CEO, FIBA

“The increasing trend of devastating data breaches caused by insider threats is becoming a hot issue among today’s C-Suite executives. Leveraging his extensive experience in human hacking operations, Peter delivered a captivating and very insightful presentation on this topic to our YPO group of business leaders. It was very thought-provoking and proposed alternative best practices to a problem which traditionally is siloed into limited technological solutions. More corporate leaders need to hear his message.”

— CEO Patriot Defense Group, LLC.

“We had Peter in as our Keynote speaker at a Private Investigator Skills workshop for the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators. His presentation was very informative and his delivery of the material was excellent. You can really see his experience come out when he walks you through various forms of corporate espionage and insider threats. He is a phenomenal communicator and offered a lot of value to a group of seasoned industry professionals with his insights and ability to convey his content with a lot of creativity.”

— Area Director, Florida Association of Licensed Investigators

“We had the pleasure of having Peter keynote the first day of our 58th annual NCMS seminar, and we couldn’t be happier!  Peter gave a highly informative and well-received presentation on the various methods used by threat actors to gain access to organizations and their data.  His enlightening, engaging, and thought-provoking overview left the audience more knowledgeable and better prepared to address the risks to their organizations.  Well done!”

— NCMS Seminar Co-Chair

“We recently had Peter Warmka speak at India’s first of its kind Counterintelligence & Insider Threat Virtual Conference. Not only was he well received by the global delegates, he was easy to work with. Peter is an insightful, energetic speaker with thought-provoking ideas who did a terrific job with his presentation on Social Media – The New Counterintelligence Playground. His presentation was very inspiring and well crafted for the audience.
Peter was a masterful moderator, too who guided the Panellists through discussions on “How to effectively integrate Intelligence Skills in the Private Sector Counterintelligence Program”. His way of engaging the Panellists left us very impressed!
He was a key component to the grand success of our inaugural conference on Counterintelligence. We highly recommend inviting him to speak at your conference or lead a workshop for your organization.”

— Founder of the SWAT Club, WhyCI, Inc.
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