Phil Hansen’s Record Smashing Good Time

Posted by Alexis Washington

When was the last time you saw a vinyl record? What if you had over 300 of them — what would (or could) you do with them? Perhaps smash them into pieces, but then what?

Artist and Keynote speaker Phil Hansen, used the records to create a masterpiece of the late great reggae musician, Bob Marley!

See it unfold in the YouTube video below:


About Phil Hansen

He is an internationally-recognized multimedia artist, author and innovator. As an art student, Phil frequently used the pointillism method which lphil-hansenead to nerve damage to his hands and caused them to tremor. However, instead of letting this deter him from his passion, he learned to embrace it. According to him, “We need to first be limited in order to become limitless.” This has led to Phil’s wildly creative techniques in his artwork. Along with this, Phil has become a popular keynote speaker thanks to his ability to show the parallels between art and the business world. He speaks on topics such as art, inspiration, personal growth and more.

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Posted by Alexis Washington
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