Phil Hansen Upping The Game In Virtual Experience

Posted by Stephanie Guida

Phil Hansen Is Going Virtual

If you are in the speaking industry, you know how difficult it has been to navigate through upcoming events with all of the uncertainty going on in the world right now. Events are being canceled left and right and it is hard to postpone dates because we have no idea when we can postpone them to! You may be asking yourself how you can continue to book engaging and talented speakers for your clients without having to worry about whether or not the event will be cancelled. Luckily, speakers understand better than anyone the struggles that we are facing and have begun to offer virtual keynotes in an effort to practice social distancing. Phil Hansen is one of those speakers.


Phil is an artist and no stranger to overcoming adversity. While in art school, Phil developed a tremor in his hand from heavily practicing a style of art called pointillism. Phil didn’t think he would ever be able to create art again. His doctor was the one who told him he had to “embrace the shake.” This wasn’t exactly what Phil wanted to hear, but as time passed he realized he could make art in a variety of other ways.

In Phil’s virtual presentation video, we are given a private tour of his art studio where you can see many of the unconventional masterpieces that he has created. A portrait of Nikola Tesla made from the electricity of a car battery, a portrait made entirely out of helicopter seeds, a picture created out of 10,000 $1 bills wrapped around blocks of wood. These are just some of the very unique ways that Phil has overcome his limitations to create works of art.

Phil also emphasizes how important it is now that we find ways to engage with each other. Phil tells us about, a website where you can send Phil your questions and have him answer them in real time during your virtual keynote experience. He explains that he plans on structuring his virtual keynotes where he speaks for 10 minutes, and then takes time for a Q&A, and then he speaks for another 10 minutes, takes time for another Q&A, etc. This will help to engage your audience and connect them to Phil, making them feel like they are sharing the same space with him rather than watching from home.

Phil will also be leading viewers through a creativity exercise. He likes to take what he calls “systematic creativity” (taking what is in front of you, breaking it down to smaller fragments, and then using those small fragments to create art), and help viewers to apply it to their real life struggles. He hopes that the “systematic creativity” skills learned while creating this art will translate over into everyday life as well and viewers can learn how to take problems and break them into smaller parts to try and solve them.

Phil’s virtual keynote will provide the audience with an experience different from what  would be experienced if you saw him live. His virtual keynote allows you a behind-the-scenes look at the studio where he creates his art as well as a look at all of the amazing projects he has there. Just like in person, Phil’s interactive experience will connect with viewers. It allows them to ask Phil questions and see the space where he creates. Phil will leave your audience with tools that they can use everyday to help themselves solve problems and overcome obstacles.

Interested in a virtual keynote experience with Phil Hansen? Reach out to Eagles Talent today to learn more and to book an experience your audience will love.

Posted by Stephanie Guida

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