Planning, Adapting and Reacting- The Future of Leadership

Posted by Tyler Eatman

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the business landscape. Many companies have experienced loss in revenue, and others have been either temporarily or permanently losing their jobs. The pandemic has impacted every aspect of different industries and has tested companies’ leadership abilities. As society approaches normalcy, the future of leadership has become pivotal for business leaders to understand.

To reexamine our strong company leaders, here are quick insights and skills for leaders to help prepare for the future of what leadership will look like.

Planning: Employees tend to be more comfortable when there is a plan in place because it reminds them of their goal. Business leaders should make sure that they have multiple plans in case of any mistakes or issues. Leaders should be equipped to have plans for the short-term, mid-term, and long-term. This idea of planning will challenge leaders to become more creative in the office space and have several diverse recommendations for clients.

Adapting: One key takeaway from this pandemic is that change is constant and inevitable. Leaders must be able to be adaptable and flexible to succeed. These skills should not be forgotten for leaders post COVID-19 with adapting to new ideas for the workplace and interactions with clients. Adaptability will allow leaders to grow on their ability to be resourceful and showcase their analytical ways of thinking.

Reacting: Employees will be able to respond positively or negatively to the employer’s leadership style. Therefore, business leaders should be able to utilize empathetic leadership. Empathetic leadership is the means of having the ability to understand the needs of others and being aware of their feelings and thoughts. This means of leadership helps employees work in a compassionate work environment in which they feel valued as a person and can voice their suggestions and concerns.

To help businesses and organizations understand the importance of the future of leadership, check out speakers Chris Riddell and Judi Holler. Chris Riddell, an award-winning global futurist, delivers business keynotes on discovering and identifying how humans are changing and adapting to high-speed change and how this can unlock insights for businesses and future leaders. In addition, Judi Holler, a keynote speaker who is a hip-hop junkie and improv nerd, excites her audience with actionable and interactive take-a-ways that would motivate and empower future leaders to more by stepping out of their comfort zone. As a result, both speakers can enhance your leadership abilities and skills for future success for your business.

COVID-19 has negatively impacted our lives; however, companies could reevaluate what strong leadership is and how it can be incorporated in the workplace setting. The most important aspects of the future of leadership are leaders being empathetic and reaching out when they are in need. Use these skills and insights to enhance and grow your leadership potential.

Posted by Tyler Eatman

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