Princess Sarah Culberson

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Princess of Sierra Leone. Humanitarian. Author of "A Princess Found".

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Princess Sarah’s Reel – Better Together: Building a Culture of Belonging
Princess Sarah: Better Together – Extended Clip
Princess Sarah Culberson – Extended Clip on Leadership and Building a Community
Princess Sarah Culberson Bounce Trumpet Impact Award Speech
Princess Sarah Culberson on the Tamron Hall Show

3 Programs By This Presenter

The landscape of leadership and organizations have changed. Whether in a corporate or volunteer setting, team members want a sense of community and belonging. However, building this kind of culture doesn’t happen on its own, rather it’s based on action. Princess Sarah’s keynote is for groups who are serious about belonging and allyship, and recognizing differences and taking on people challenges to solve and innovate.

Princess Sarah uses her personal experience as an adopted child growing up in a bi-racial family, as well as understanding a whole new culture when she discovered that she was a real-life princess in Sierra Leone. In addition to this inspiring journey, she draws from her business side as an entrepreneur (in entertainment and gaming).

In this keynote, filled with stories and value , Princess Sarah covers three areas:

  • Embrace your assumptions to elevate yourself and those around you.
  • Be willing to get uncomfortable and have the challenging conversations.
  • Navigate with compassion and use humanity to listen and learn to drive decisions.

Building a culture of belonging is more than top-down leadership and operating on the mindset that it’s someone else’s responsibility. Princess Sarah focuses on empowering YOU, the individual, to take action and build a tribe that is meaningful, passionate, and sustainable. Princess Sarah customizes her talks for each group based on their needs (in leadership, teams, culture, and D&I).

Leadership determines everything. If you have two equally talented teams and organizations competing in the same industry, the team and organization with the most effective leaders will win. Superior leadership performance produces superior organizational performance.

This keynote provides innovative ideas and strategies to thrive in today’s rapidly changing business world to help leaders transform themselves and those they lead. The need for bold and courageous leadership has never been greater.

This energizing presentation dives deep into the DNA of transformational leadership and how leaders can immediately implement specific behaviors to drive leadership effectiveness. Matt uses real-world examples of standing in the trenches with leadership teams and provides an action plan to help attendees create alignment, build inclusive teams, and influence others to action.

The outcome of this keynote will be leaders who are inspired and fully prepared to lead their teams and organizations confidently into the future. Lead inspired!


  • Explore key competencies and mindset shifts of transformational leaders.
  • Learn how to lead confidently and effectively through uncertainty.
  • Discover how to increase leadership communication to enhance engagement and alignment.
  • Learn key steps to build an inclusive team and drive trust.
  • Learn how to become a coaching leader to enhance business performance and improve performance management.
  • Identify the leadership gaps that paralyze growth and scaling desired behaviors.

In ‘Fear to Fabulous’ Sarah Culberson explores how she achieved her dream of connecting with her biological family: an experience that changed the trajectory of her life for the better. She began her journey faced with the fear of rejection but stepped into a fabulous world where she met her family, connected with her tribe, and accepted the responsibility of supporting those with low visibility. Discovering her heritage revealed a new purpose where she actively works alongside community leaders in order to promote various infrastructure, public health, and female empowerment initiatives throughout Sierra Leone. With both a BFA and MFA in theater, Sarah mastered public speaking and acts as an advocate to campaign for diversity, equity, and  self-discovery.  Sarah inspires others with her experience of how she embraced the unknown and ventured into a wonderful world where she found what she is meant to do in her lifetime.


“Sarah delivered a meaningful message with a lot of key takeaways. We received positive feedback from our employees regarding her presentation. The event was rated high in the survey administered to attendees.”

— Prudential

“Princess Sarah was FANTASTIC! She was engaging, a phenomenal storyteller, and I’ve received really great feedback about her presentation.”

— Danaher

“Sarah, you are so special–we’ve been honored to have you join us! There are already conversations about what else you can do with us.”

— Capital One

“Sarah is AMAZING! She did an awesome job at both events relating both to young girls and to the older donor crowd at night. Everyone loved her and loved hearing about her incredible journey. Sarah is passionate and genuine — just a wonderful person and we loved having her as our guest speaker!”

— Bethany Christian Services

“Although I knew Sarah had an interesting story and that she was a seasoned speaker, I could not have anticipated how compelling and impactful her presentation would be. The room was completely captivated as she walked us through her personal story of discovery, self identity and transformation. Her speaking style is incredibly engaging and her topic spoke to us in a way that made us take a moment of personal reflection and purpose. I would recommend her for a talk to any group.”


“Princess Sarah is absolutely amazing. She is a very engaging, compelling and dynamic speaker with a powerful and impactful message. I can’t speak highly enough of Princess Sarah. We are looking forward to having her join us for more presentations soon.”

— Seagen, Inc.

“Princess Sarah was a phenomenal speaker for our event. Her energy and powerful message resonated with our guests. She is truly inspiring.”

— Women’s Recourse Center (WRC)

“Meeting Princess Sarah Culberson and hearing her story was inspiring. Despite her untraditional path, she embodies what it means to be a princess —in her own words, this means shouldering some responsibilities. The way in which she’s done this and focused on uplifting her community by listening to individual members and groups is exemplary of true, effective leadership that is aware. Despite having accomplished so much and being literal royalty, she was very down-to-Earth and made every person in the room feel welcomed and heard.”

— American University

“Princess Sarah was such a joy… returned after her virtual appointment to mix and mingle with everyone and take photos….staying until the end of the reception.”

— East Bay Women’s Conference

“Sarah engaged the audience and insisted on talking with each person individually as she signed books. Was the best event ever. One thing I CAN fret about is this: how do we follow an event this good and this engaging next year?”

— Straker Foundation

WOW! That was just incredible! I can’t even tell you how many people from our team have already reached out to say how much they enjoyed your presentation. Thank you for putting the personal touch on this and tying it back to the work we do. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. It’s inspiring! Thank you for taking the time to be with us today and giving our teams so much information!  In terms of our EDI journey, I feel as though you have elevated it all. You have given us another piece to understanding how we can learn and take action. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!


Princess Sarah was fabulous – authentic, inspiring, relatable and had a good message!  She was the perfect fit for our IWD event. 

— CBRE, Inc.

Overall everything went extremely she is a very engaging and professional speaker.  She has a way of captivating you.

— RBC Insurance Services, Inc.

Princess Sarah was amazing, the audience loved her! I got a lot of great feedback about her keynote. Princess Sarah is both engaging and her story is powerful.

— Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

“Princess Sarah presented on Thursday evening. She was remarkable. From the time she arrived at the hotel, she began making friends with people from the conference. She was incredibly gracious in all of her interactions with our team. Everyone loved her! Her keynote was very well done – a perfect mix of storytelling and actual content. She engages the audience through multiple strategies. She is also super funny, so it adds to the enjoyment.”

— The California County Superintendents Educational

Sarah was phenomenal! She was so easy to work with and flexible with all of the things we wanted to do. She did a wonderful job personalizing her story for our audience.

— American Veterinary Medical Association

Good story on not fitting in, diversity, being grateful, staying positive.  Engaged the audience for comments.  Team motivation starts with getting to know each member—no I in team.  Really listening to others.  Changing one’s mindset and being grateful every day. Great speaker and energy. Wanted to hear more about her projects and results in Sierra Leone. “

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