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Keynote Speaker, Leadership Trainer, and Singer-Songwriter

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How Self-silencing Is Sabotaging You Tedxrockville

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Too many of us self-silence and hold ourselves back at work. We let doubts and insecurities disqualify us and dictate what we do. We don’t speak up to ask for the opportunities we want or the support we need. We don’t express our thoughts, needs or aspirations. It’s like we’re living our lives on mute, and it’s costing us a lot more than we realize.

What if it didn’t have to be that way? By tapping into the power of curiosity, we can find the clarity we need to get unstuck and move forward in our lives and at work with greater confidence and courage. The result? Greater fulfillment, impact, and alignment personally and professionally and a brave, bold UNMUTED life that makes us feel energized, inspired, and alive.


  • Identify how self-doubt and self-silencing are holding them back at work

  • Discover specific strategies and prompts to help them illuminate their strengths and contributions, so they can be more empowered, confident contributors who have greater impact and influence and impact at work and in the world

  • Advocate for themselves, so they feel more motivated and empowered to create a career that engages them by making the most of their unique talents

The past few years have served as a catalyst for many of us to pause and reflect, to reinvent and reimagine, and to show up more intentionally in our lives and in our work. In the midst of continued change, it’s never been more important for us to reconnect to what matters most, both personally and professionally. We can start doing that by accessing the power of curiosity within ourselves and with each other to create an inspired, aligned, and compelling future.

Powerful questions ignite insight and help us gain clarity about what could be, so we don’t feel so stuck in what is or what has been. Tapping into the combination of curiosity and clarity gives us the confidence and courage to unleash purpose, passion, and potential in ourselves and in the people we lead and serve. Now, more than ever before, we need that kind of fresh perspective and motivation, so we can have more impact and influence through our work.


  • Implement a replicable three-part framework to get unstuck and cultivate clarity about the future

  • Tap into the power skill of curiosity to activate growth and self-awareness both personally and professionally

  • Experience reflective and interactive practices that help them connect with purpose, possibilities, and their peers

In the ever-evolving landscape of work, traditional leadership is giving way to a new era—intentional, transformational leadership rooted in connection, collaboration, and curiosity. At a time when people are feeling stressed out, checked out, and burned out, it’s more important than ever that we change the way we lead. We can become leaders who create “be the difference” moments, leaders who recognize the importance of and actively foster the growth and potential of the “souls behind the roles,” leaders who make sure people feel seen, heard, and valued.

You will walk away from this session with tangible tools to become a more intentional leader, ready to bring out the best in yourself and the people around you. Together we will unlock the potential of purpose-driven leadership for a brighter, bolder future.


  • Discover the key drivers of employee engagement and how they can be elevated within the team

  • Identify specific questions everyone can ask themselves to elevate self-awareness and “unmute” the people they lead, so that they can build greater trust and increase connection

  • Facilitate meaningful, upward-spiral conversations at the organization to generate greater creativity, purpose, trust, and connection

Employees of all generations are seeking workplaces that prioritize their wellbeing, with Millennials and GenZ particularly valuing this attribute. However, in today’s fast-paced world, it’s difficult for most of us to prioritize our own wellbeing much less be change agents for the wellbeing of the people we lead.

Being stressed out, zoomed out, and burned out seems to be the norm these days, and it’s affecting our ability to lead effectively. The higher we advance in leadership and responsibility for others, the more we sacrifice ourselves for the betterment of those in our care. What’s at the root of wellbeing that no one is talking about, and how can we begin to prioritize our own wellbeing so we lead by example in both words and actions?

Through engaging stories, practical strategies, and purposeful interactions, Rachel will guide you in reimagining and redefining wellbeing for yourself and for those you lead. This session isn’t just about enhancing personal health—it’s about becoming a more influential leader, equipped with the energy and insight to drive meaningful change at your organization.


  • Explore the elements of wellbeing that have the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time, gaining insight into how we can leverage those factors to influence leadership effectiveness and organizational culture

  • Discover the connection between wellbeing and retention, engagement, and recruitment

  • Identify the leadership behavior that most contributes to high-performing teams and elevated career wellbeing

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