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Getting Organizations Future-Ready by Embracing Generational and Racial Inclusion

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Busy leaders need to know precisely what they can and should do to be inclusive leaders who genuinely foster a sense of belonging within their teams that results in employee engagement, high performance, and consistent results now and into the future.  

In this program, Raven breaks inclusive leadership into six straight-forward characteristics, demonstrating what each looks like in everyday leadership. She covers the inner drivers necessary to actualize these characteristics in a way that team members see and feel.

Your leaders will leave with a clear understanding of the importance of their inclusive leadership, newfound courage to lean into discomfort, and an awakened curiosity to learn more about themselves and their bias, as well as the lived experiences of others.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the six characteristics of highly inclusive leaders as well as their drivers.
  • Explain the quantitative and qualitative value of inclusive leadership.
  • Identify personal areas of opportunity to be a more inclusive leader.
  • Develop an action-oriented plan for personal growth.

The desire to become allies and advocates for inclusion can often be met with bewilderment, causing stagnation and frustration; thus, the problems that affect the lives of many of your customers, team members, and loved ones worsen. Now is the time for allies to be educated, activated, and empowered to create equity, inclusion, and belonging inside and outside your organization. In this program, Raven creates a welcoming, safe space for aspiring allies to learn about the severity of systemic inequities in the U.S. (and beyond) and how to activate their allyship in their everyday professional and personal lives to close the gaps in inequity.   

Learning Objectives

  • Articulate a working definition of allyship and identify practical allyship actions. 
  • Distinguish between performative and effective allyship, applying the Allyship Assessment Model.  
  • Apply a 4-step process to beginner allyship using the ACES model.  
  • Identify opportunities where interpersonal allyship can be applied. 

In this engaging and insightful program, Raven provides attendees with a working knowledge of the 6 Building Blocks of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion necessary to establish foundational awareness that leads to action and sustainable impact. Attendees will be equipped with the knowledge, self-awareness, and cultural inquiry that will make them champions of DEI and inclusion in the broadest sense of the term. This program helps attendees understand the what of DEI to better connect with the why and prepare for the how through defining key DEIB terms, exploring the nuances of equality and equity, examining how systems work, and much more.

Learning Objectives

  • Establish a foundation of DEI knowledge upon which sustainable action and impact can occur personally and organizationally. 
  • Examine the 6 Building Blocks of DEI. 
  • Provide a common language and working knowledge of crucial DEI terms such as diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, identity consciousness, and intersectionality.

In this engaging and insightful program, Raven takes those skeptical of the value of DEIB in their workforce and makes them believers by clearly articulating the risk to their business without it. For those who are already believers, she equips them with additional tools and awareness to further understand and communicate the value of DEIB. She does all this uniquely, using generations to frame the value proposition.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the risks associated with not making DEIB a serious business imperative.
  • Provide a common language and working knowledge of crucial DEIB terms such as diversity, inclusion, equity, belonging, identity, and intersectionality.
  • Explain the generational evolution of diversity work in the workplace.
  • Understand the organizational and individual value of DEIB.

Creating a culture where generational differences are understood, welcomed, and even leveraged can result in higher performance, happier employees, and better places to work. This unique and highly engaging program will engage every attendee, regardless of age, as they learn about the differences and similarities across the five generations in the workforce and how each can be leveraged to create the cross-generational synergy that drives results. Attendees will walk away understanding the general characteristics of each generation, why these characteristics are as they are, and how they tend to show up at work.

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate a deeper understanding of generational characteristics and why each are the way they are.
  • Learn techniques for communicating more effectively with members of different generations.
  • Appreciate generational diversity as an organizational strength rather than a barrier to progress.

In this informative and inspiring keynote, Raven breaks down the connection between equity and generations that every organization needs to know and lean into to thrive in a marketplace that is growing more racially and ethnically diverse by the decade. She helps attendees of all backgrounds understand how and why a generation can impact how they view, understand,

and even combat racism. Attendees will leave with greater clarity on their generation’s role in fighting for racial equity and how to effectively collaborate with other generations in that pursuit.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the connection between generations and racial equity.
  • Demonstrate how and why one’s generation can impact how they view racism today.
  • Examine why equity is what marginalized groups and their allies want and need.
  • Describe how to leverage generational differences to move towards racial equity.


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“I had never given much thought to the impact generations have in the workplace – on the way we give and receive feedback, the way we communicate, and our openness to new and innovative ideas. After meeting with Raven once, we knew she was something special. She approaches leadership through the lens of generations and provides clear and tactical examples of how each generation is motivated and how they want to be led. This information is pure gold! After the success of her first talk, “Closing the Generational Gap,” with our organization, we brought her in a second time to speak to “Generational LED Languages in the Workplace.” Raven’s energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge invite the listener to join her on a journey through time and it’s a journey you don’t want to miss!”

— Large Global Retailer

“Raven was such an impactful speaker at our all-employee meeting. In just a 20 minute presentation, she was able to engage/connect with us in a personal way, further our thinking (beyond a surface level) of what it really means to be an ALLY (which, by the way, she taught us is not a noun but a verb), and give us practical, tangible models and tactics for HOW to live our lives in allyship. She is extremely warm and spirited, which means she captivates and inspires the audience — but she is not just an entertainer. She is also a gifted teacher and educational guide. We learned more from her in 20 minutes that we have gotten from other speakers in day-long workshops! Simply put, she is a brilliant speaker and teacher.”

— Red Ventures

“I was so impressed with Raven’s presentation. I’ve had the privilege to speak around the globe for the last 15 years and I’ve heard and seen many talented speakers, and Raven is clearly one of the best!! She provided an incredibly compelling message on a topic that can be contentious. Raven is credible, engaging, authentic, and approachable, and that is a tough combination to find in anyone! My mind was spinning with all the organizations and companies that need to hear her message and engage her. I am thankful for her inspirational message and commitment to helping all of us do better.”

— The Center for Food Integrity

“After hearing Raven speak for just 10 minutes, I knew she was the perfect speaker to open our largest event of the year—our Holiday Showcase at Association Forum. She delivered an engaging, insightful, and actionable presentation that resonated with our attendees and felt like it was created just for us! Raven’s natural ability to communicate complex and challenging subject matter in a way that cultivates empathy, spurs personal reflection and inspires openness across differences made my members feel comfortable enough to lean in, yet inspired enough to grow. Her expertise, coupled with her dynamic and engaging presence captivated us all. We laughed, we connected, we reflected, we cried. The journey of learning that Raven took us on in such a short time was nothing short of masterful.
If you are looking for a speaker to capture the attention of large audiences along all stops of the journey to inclusion… to create a safe, and even fun, space for learning, growing and becoming increasingly inclusive, Raven is it! We have already rebooked her twice here at Association  Forum.”

— Association Forum
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