Rene Godefroy

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Living the American Dream: From Impoverished Childhood to CEO

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Rene Godefroy – Motivational Speaker

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The top is not reserved for the smartest and most brilliant. It is reserved for the resilient ones. Successful people face rejections and setbacks daily. But they refuse to give up and walk away.

In this presentation, you will hear the tale of how Rene Godefroy beat poverty and diseases in a tiny village in Haiti by being resilient. He will paint a vivid canvas of change, challenge and ultimate victory that will touch your soul.

“Breaking The Resilience Code” is more than a speech. It’s an experience that will empower you, uplift you, and give you renewed energy to overcome life’s tough challenges.

Rene firmly believes we are all born with the power to be resilient. We just need to learn to switch it on.

Main Takeaways:

  • How to face change with courage so you can transform challenges into opportunities
  • Actionable strategies to navigate life’s obstacles and emerge stronger than ever before
  • How to rekindle your inner fire to reignite your passion for personal and professional growth
  • Strategies to build the confidence to thrive in competitive and challenging environments
  • A simple mind hack that’s guaranteed to give you staying power where others give up
  • The confidence to take risks so you can achieve your goals to reach the pinnacle of your field

This message of hope and triumph will stay with you long after the applause fades. Get ready to unlock your inner resilience and embark on a journey towards a more resilient and unstoppable you!

Prepare to be moved and motivated to take on life’s uncertainties with a renewed vigor, passion, and purpose.

“Breaking The Resilience Code” is not just a speech; it’s an experience that will leave you empowered, uplifted, and ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way.


“Rene is a great speaker and he really encouraged us to think differently about change and the power we have to achieve positive outcomes in any situation.”

— American Chemical Society

“Your fascinating story was not only inspiring, it provided a great foundation for our mentors and mentees as they begin setting goals and establishing expectations for their new partnerships.”

— Vice President, Coca-Cola

“Rene Godefroy was our keynote speaker last week at our Aflac Kick-off meeting in Tennessee. He was a big hit. He was motivational, entertaining and kept the audience engaged the entire time, which is rare for a speaker. People are still talking about his performance. I would highly recommend Rene to speak at your next event.”

— Vice President, Aflac

“Your presentation was a masterpiece of motivation. It is so easy in a service profession to get into a rut and to take for granted all the things we ‘are’ and ‘have.’ Our staff tend to get burn out and need someone to give them the boost to start fresh and to ‘feel’ again. You have accomplished that for them and I am truly grateful.”

— Vice President, DHS

“Based on comments from our team, Rene was encouraging, inspirational and thought-provoking. He clearly shows the positive impact we can all have on the lives of others if we have the right attitude and demeanor!”

— Vice President, AT&T

“Our conference evaluations suggest that this might have been the best event we have ever offered… I believe that this is more than a statement about the overall depth and substance of our program; it’s a direct reflection of your individual talent…NAPT members have seen and heard some terrific speakers–like Roger Crawford, Charlie Plumb, Jeanne Robertson–so it’s high praise when they give a standing ovation, much less for two!”

— Executive Director, National Association For Pupil Transportation

“Everyone is still talking about the outstanding presentation, the personal passion and compassion shown, and the inspiration shown throughout the entire presentation. Your charm just overflowed and oozed through the hearts of even our most critical co-workers to a point that they had no choice but to give outstanding evaluation scores and complimentary comments for your performance.”

— Quality and Professional Development, City of Memphis
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