Virtual Event Tips

5 Tips for an Impressive Virtual Event
Below are some helpful ideas to get one of these off the ground.

1. It starts with you (Your Organization and attendees)

Much like putting together a live in-person event, you have to dive into the same questions,

  • Who are the attendee types? Sales, marketing, leaders, an association, general audience. Also, consider demographics, or other variables (like is this for a Women’s Leadership Online Conference).
  • What is the theme of the event? The more you can determine your theme (the focus of the gathering), the other pieces of the event come together. 
  • Outcomes. We think it’s helpful for you to come up with at least three outcomes that your online attendees should walk away with. 
  • What is your budget? Like doing a live event, you have to stay within your budget — from choosing the right platform to selecting the right presenter.
  • What are the deciding factors in selecting presenters for your online event? Is it budget, presenter’s experience/credibility, or it could be that your committee needs to make a unanimous decision. 
  • What is your deadline in deciding and have you created planning phases? This helps keep you on track to make a decision. 

2. Select the right content Presenter

Our expertise is in communication and change. Whether it’s a live or streaming event, we specialize in providing the best and most engaging keynote speakers to deliver the message. Just like live events, speakers can vary so much, so it’s important fully comprehend the deliverables from a speaker’s online presentation. Do they use slides, videos, do they engage with Q&A, etc?

3. Communication

Communicate with the bureau, speaker, and tech company on YOUR expectations. The clearer you are with your needs, the more everyone can be realistic in what’s possible. 

We sincerely recommend having a discovery call during your initial selection process to find the right presenter. Then, after you secure the speaker, have at least one with your leadership team to ensure the material they plan to cover, and another with your tech team/tech company to confirm all needs are met on the speaker’s end. Surprise parties are great, surprises during an online event may not be.

4. Technology: Select your online streaming platform

There are so many options out there and you have to find the right one that works for your organization. Some companies have a huge tech team in house and can handle these matters, while others need more “out of the box” help. To be helpful, we have compiled some options that might work for you here:

5. The details — do a run through

Be on top of everything — just like a live event. Ensure that it’s all covered, from cameras, lighting, to sound. Will you have a moderator or chat? Be super certain on the length of the event. From an attendee perspective, it has to appear seamless and perfect, especially if you want to keep them engaged.

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