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Author, Motivational Humorist, (and Recovering Perfectionist!

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Rob Peck
Rob Peck – Motivational Speaker

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For those struggling with a life of constant juggling, or simply wanting more serenity and ease, It’s a Juggle Out There: A Guide to a Better Balanced and More Fulfilling Life combines humorous anecdotes with pragmatic tips to have a less stressful and more harmonious life, by:

  • Applying Refresh & Reframe techniques to revive your energy and revitalize your outlook 
  • Practicing the concept of Kindfulness to become less self-critical and more self-caring 
  • Taking comfort and drawing strength from handy aphorisms, “Pits are also seeds,” and hopeful acronyms, WHOOPS: when humans overcome obstacles, providence smiles!

Take the journey with the people who do well professionally, and personally, and wisely recognize that downtime is found money, a chance to relax, a moment to pause and reflect, providing vital replenishment. These are the times when the balls are hanging in the air like the spaces between the notes in a beautifully composed symphony. These rests complement the rhythm and the still points of silence that enhance the score.

(How To Cope With Constant Change… And Still Stay Sane!)
To truly excel, leaders and teams have to juggle more multiple responsibilities than ever. When people are coping with constant change, nurturing a good sense of humor is a vital stress management skill. (One that gives the brain the equivalent of a built in shock absorber!) Managers who know how to handle adversity with a sense of humor model a resiliency that rubs off. By stepping back and seeing the big picture, they’re able to respond to volatility by viewing problems through a wide-angle lens in a way that decreases burnout, and fosters a culture of excellence. Facing challenges with humor heightens our capacity to envision ourselves in another’s shoes. Both of which strengthen our ability to respond to problems with “Plan B’s” that result in more creative solutions and more loyal customers.

(The Art of Focused Communication)

Busy managers are increasingly challenged to juggle multiple responsibilities. Leaders and teams keep their balance in turbulent times, by constantly upgrading their abilities to focus on the key elements of a conversation. This training gives participants an object lesson on how to use creativity and humor to improve communication, energize teamwork, and build deep bonds of loyalty.

(How High Morale Helps Organizations Retain… Rather Than Constantly Retrain)

Busy professionals are increasingly challenged to juggle multiple responsibilities. Leaders keep their balance in turbulent times, by constantly upgrading their abilities to focus on the key elements of a conversation, and listen empathetically. Good communication is vital for good morale, and both bring out people’s best in tough times. Leaders who know how to respond creatively to unforeseen challenges model a resiliency that rubs off. Communication that accentuates the positive fosters a can-do spirit that empowers people to tackle difficult problems and come up with innovative solutions.

(Stellar Sales & Customer Service….with Less Stress and More Zest!)
Outstanding customer service builds a well of good will. Success hinges on paying close attention, keeping a positive attitude, and earning trust via the 3C’s: Concentration, Coordination, and Cultivation. When we concentrate on what a customer is saying we build their confidence in us. When we coordinate our words and actions in service of the customer’s best interests, we earn their trust. When we help them find a solution at a fair price, we cultivate their loyalty and earn their referrals. This training teaches Sales teams how to use the 3C’s to ensure a culture of stellar customer service- that combines a spirit of fun, with a sense of purpose.


“Rob was sensational. His dedication to providing an excellent presentation was demonstrated in his research with various staff members and his ability to customize his program to our needs!!”

— –Bon Secours Health System
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