Patti Dobrowolski

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Keynote Speaker, Illustrator, and Change Agent

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Creative Genius You Tedxbend
Draw Your Future Tedxrainier

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Only one person in ten who sets goals for their life will actually make the changes necessary to achieve them. In this powerful, dynamic talk, you’ll learn how you, your team and your organization can leverage your innate superpower — imagination — to increase your flexibility and resilience and achieve your goals with a 42% higher success rate.

While most of us believe we can “think” our way out of a problem, it’s better to imagine your success first. Imaginative thinking about your future gives your brain an internal goal. It then maps the route to your success creating road signs, identifying pitfalls and alerting you to necessary rest stops until you’ve arrived at your goals.

Don’t think, imagine. In this compelling illustrated Imagination TEDx talk I share stories and imaginative thinking skills from some of the greatest creative thinkers and artists of our time. While many people believe that Creative Genius is something accessible to few, I make the case in this talk that imagination is the most powerful problem solving skill anyone can use. That skill will open the door to your own Creative Genius.

This talk will engage your audience in using their imagination in new ways:

  1. Envisioning their future in a picture form
  2. Changing their perception of daydreaming
  3. Creating a “what if” mentality — open to expansive ideas and new perspectives
Imagination Changes Everything is an interactive, dynamic talk where I clarify how the imagination works and your brain’s ability to expand any idea to create blockbuster results. With real life examples of combining images with imaginative thinking, I share how I went from waitress to Broadway performer in one year, then crashed and burned to become a gardener. Using my imagination, I literally planted new ideas and recreated my career.

Envisioning a successful future for your organization is exciting, but when the rubber hits the road, many companies fail to deliver the results necessary to build or sustain that dream. The Creative Genius Equation with its four essential keys help create breakthrough changes and fill in the pieces of that future. Compelling stories from my work with Fortune 100 clients and nonprofits around the world will inspire your team to step up their game-changing strategies.

Everyone has a dream, but many people find it difficult to start, persist and remain focused long enough to achieve what they desire. In this compelling illustrated talk I make a bet with the audience that they can achieve their dreams by three simple keys:

  1. Drawing your future
  2. Changing your mind
  3. Going inside yourself to fuel your dream with Creative Genius insights and an open heart of love
Creative Genius YOU is a powerful, interactive illustrated talk in which I give your participants 3 keys to keep focused and motivated to achieve their goals and dreams. I’ll lead them through a simple and fun Creative Genius drawing process and help them replace their limiting beliefs with powerful ones so they can step into the future they desire.

If you want to stay relevant in your career or in your life, you have to be able to pivot your direction quickly! Draw Your Future® (my most highly requested talk) engages participants to experientially discover how to draw their future and accelerate change.

In this talk you will learn the key principles of the Draw Your Future® process to help you understand how drawing a simple picture can help you make change more easily.

This is a perfect activity to engage your team in thinking about the future in an innovative way and a valuable strategic tool for leaders looking to create change in team dynamics, organizational strategy, culture or goal setting.

Draw Your Future® is a powerful, interactive drawing and team building experience that will help your participants envision their future. I’ll lead you through a unique and fun way to envision your desired new reality and make change more easily…and you don’t even need to know how to draw!

How participants will benefit:

  • Understand the why of drawing a picture.
  • Create a Snapshot of their current state and desired change.
  • Envision and attach themselves to a positive future.
  • Tap their creative abilities to help problem solve.
  • Maintain their motivation to achieve their goals


“Thank you so very much for your inspirational kick-off to the NAO 2016 conference last week in Washington, D.C! It couldn’t have been any better! Your energy, enthusiasm and creative genius set the stage.”

— National AHEC Organization CEO, AHEC

“Patti’s dynamic presentation inspired participants to envision their communities’ ecosystem. Not only did they draw their future, they left armed with tools to apply their learnings to their communities. Powerful!”

— SLECop Chief of Staff, TIES

“The day you drew my future was a defining moment in my life. It gave me a way to see myself in my future life and the 3 bold steps to get there. I left the firm I was working for a few months later. “

— Formerly the #1 Salesperson, Grant Thornton
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