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Leadership and Cultural Transformation Expert

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Success begins and ends with self-confidence. As an award-winning coach and PhD sports psychologist, Ivan Joseph has focused on understanding the skill of self-confidence.

He developed, applied and refined dozens of techniques that lead to high performance and excellence.

In this energizing and motivational talk, you’ll learn secrets Ivan used to help individuals and teams reach goals they never thought possible.

Humor, visualization, and immersive activities keep everyone engaged and create a memorable experience.

You’ll learn practical techniques to:

•Develop and sustain self-confidence, especially in times of adversity.

•Promote self-confidence in your team and others.

•Use the power of positive self-talk and setting higher expectations.

You’ll gain self-confidence and renewed belief in yourself.

You’ll be inspired to overcome your challenges—and learn how to accelerate your performance!

When teams thrive, they elevate everyone to a level they didn’t know was possible. When teams struggle, they create dynamics and challenges that limit performance. How do you create a culture of excellence? How do you build a high-performing team?

NAIA National Coach of the Year Ivan Joseph cracked the code.

He led a tiny college in Iowa to win a national soccer championship. He led a marginal university athletic program to national prominence. And now he shares how you can accelerate your performance.

Sharing funny and moving stories, and research-based insights, Ivan inspires leaders and teams to achieve even their toughest goals.

In this fast-paced, interactive session, leaders gain insights and techniques to:

•Articulate common values and a shared sense of purpose.

•Create team cohesion, the foundation of elite team performance.

•Set higher expectations to achieve new levels of performance.

Self-confidence, cohesion and expectations drive team performance.

Ivan’s approach works: Leaders and teams see immediate impact.

A culture of inclusivity is a culture of high performance. Teams and organizations that prioritize diversity and inclusion are stronger, more successful, and have more opportunities to prosper.

Ivan Joseph speaks from experience, sharing practical and proven strategies to attract, retain and develop talent. He understands the complexities of creating an inclusive organizational culture.

Ivan has continually overcome challenges, broken barriers, and led a transformation toward inclusivity in every organization he’s worked for.

He knows what it’s like to look different and sound different, to be the only Black man on a white campus, the only Black leader in an organization.

Ivan is an acclaimed authority on the retention of underrepresented populations in predominantly white organizations.

In this moving and perspective-shifting session, Ivan challenges audiences to think about diversity and inclusion in new ways.

Ivan shares insights and moving experiences from his own remarkable story. Your leaders gain:

•Powerful strategies for fueling high performance through diversity and inclusion.

•Tactics for successfully navigating the nuances of organizational decisions related to diversity and inclusion.

•Techniques to foster successful cross-cultural communication.

Your leaders will be inspired and ready to further a culture where inclusion and high performance go hand in hand.


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