Simon T. Bailey

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Inspirational Coach, Expert in Releasing Human Potential

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Simon T. Bailey
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Transformational leaders are divergent thinkers who refuse to settle for a status quo culture. They are relentless in creating an environment where everyone belongs and brings their best selves to work.

This is a conscious inclusive mindset that fosters growth, high performance and trust. Culture is more that the mission and vision of the organization. Culture happens when no one is looking. As business changes at the speed of light, an organization’s culture will stand the test of time if it’s built on the right foundation.

Leading with Spark is understanding that the purpose of leadership is to invite men and women on a journey to discover the leader within themselves while they’re following you. A leader can only take people to a place that he or she has already experienced.

Leading with Spark is understanding that innovation only happens when everyone has a seat at the table and their voice can be heard.

Leading with Spark is releasing the need to always be right and shifting to creating a culture that evolves fro “me to we.”

Forward thinking leaders are forward looking leaders who understand the difference between effectiveness and busyness. Culture is the game changer that attracts talent, engages customers, and establishes a brand in the next decade.

Key Takeaways for Leading with Spark: 

• What is culture and how to establish one where everyone believes that they belong

• How to create a deeper connection with talent so that they become the ambassadors for the brand

• Spark a relationship with customers by understanding culture + connection + customers = revenue

Men and women with SPARK understand that a paycheck is given to people who show up, and opportunities are given to those who think and work beyond what they are paid to do. This is a fresh way of thinking in 2020 and beyond. As CEO (Chief Execution Officer) of your life, you’re intentionally accountable to having a fluid career vision, high performance behaviors, positive habits, and consistent execution. You have the uncanny ability to produce uncommon results in uncommon times.

Are you that person that the organization cannot live without? Team Members with SPARK are transformational thinkers that positively impact everyone else around them by raising the vibrational level to produce tangible results. When everyone else is saying NO! Team members with SPARK find a way to say YES!

Men and Women with SPARK are leaders without titles who leverage relationship capital to do what is common in an uncommon way.

Men and Women with SPARK stop waiting for human resources to assign a new role and pivot from a job description to doing meaningful tasks.

Men and Women with SPARK fire themselves from their jobs and re-hire themselves as “intrapreneuers” intending to take their organization to the next level.

When I served as Sales Director at Disney Institute, I learned when I sparked moments for the people I was serving, I also sparked something in myself. I realize we spend so much time at work, if we’re going to revolutionize our lives, we have to leverage the moments we’re on the clock. Now, I’m dedicated to helping you uncover your inner fire and grow it each and every day. I want to teach you the mental algorithm to be a SPARK so that you can accelerate your results.

Key Takeaways for SPARK: Act like an Employee and Think like a CEO 

• How to upgrade your skill and stop waiting for the organization to do it for you.

• Be an Influencer who understands what’s happening at 30,000 feet and can execute at 500 feet.

• Build Relationships with the C-Suite through proximity positioning.

• How to leverage the eyes and ears of others throughout the organization.

• Follow the money by obtaining financial intelligence.

• How to understand and navigate the internal culture to get things done.

• Speaking is the New Marketing – learn how to use your mouth and mind to advance your career

Customer Service is department.

Customer Love is mindset.

Do customers love your brand? Do your employees love your brand?

If so, then you have the secret sauce to becoming unforgettable to those you serve. In a world of information and interaction overload, SPARK ignites an emotional experience that causes customers to Velcro themselves to you and recommend your brand to their sphere of influence.

Where there is no SPARK, there is no joy. Where there is no joy, there is no hope; and where there is no hope, there is no passion. Without passion, a job is just a job. A business is simply something to do instead of something that makes a difference in the world. However, when a business finds it spark it transfers psychological ownership to all employees to emotionally connect instead of being mechanical in creating memorable moment.

This learning experience will equip you with simple ways to operationalize SPARK within your organization.

Key Takeaways from Be the Spark – Five Platinum Service Principles 

• See them as Guests

• Personalize the Experience

• Anticipate and Uncover Needs

• Respond with Immediate and Appropriate Service

• Keep them Loyal Through Acts of Kindness

Industries are being transformed at the speed of light. To keep adapting to the changing times, organizations need leaders to reset their mindset. The leadership skills of yesterday will not carry the day in an economy of uncertainty. However, leaders who adopt forward-looking thinking can positively influence the culture of their companies and position it for future success. In this webinar, Simon will share just-in-time insights for leaders of teams and influencers who lead without title.

Audacious individuals possess a daring attitude with a high disregard for conformity, conventional thinking or common existence. They focus their energy like a laser and have a can-do mindset. As a result, they spark their team members with hope to co-create a better future. Get ready to pivot and reignite your internal team to re-emerge and see differently in the new normal.

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“Simon was a phenomenal speaker! He knocked the opening general session out of the park. His high, contagious energy was captivating from the start but his personal stories and relatable presentation made for an unforgettable session! Attendees were engaged until the very end which isn’t always easy to do – especially virtually. The session has
received glowing feedback. I also appreciated that his team helped to pull questions and comments from the chat window which made the presentation even more personalized.

We would have been thrilled with his presentation alone but he took it to the next level in the way he prepared and planned for the presentation. We had our two conference calls with Simon and he kept asking what else he could do to serve us and that he would have as many calls with
us as we needed, even beyond what we contracted. In fact, he took time to speak with several members, separately and customized the presentation to include those conversations. He is absolutely, positively brilliant! And he has set the bar very high for future speakers.”

— Society for Hospitality and Foodservice Management

“I would highly recommend him. His message was right on and easy to work with.”

— Brookfield Residential Property Services

“Simon has a tremendous gift for adding perspective and value for those that are looking to aim higher in their personal and professional endeavors. His passion is unbridled and infectious. Needless to say, I highly recommend Simon for your professional development programming.”

— Microsoft

“Simon spent time getting to know our attendees and their challenges in advance so he could tailor his keynote directly to them as education leaders. He was the only thought leader that was also an active conference attendee. The result was very powerful. Our attendees left inspired and rejuvenated.”

— National Association of Secondary School Principals

“Simon Bailey is the BEST keynote speaker we’ve ever had! He was the highlight of the convention and our franchisees loved him. His presentation was incredibly customized to Goddard. I would highly recommend Simon Bailey for any franchise event and there wasn’t a single thing I’d change about his presentation or our experience of working with him.”

— Goddard Systems, Inc.

“Simon hit a homerun! He used his time onsite to develop a super customized program to meet the needs of our members. He incorporated conversations he had with attendees and information he gathered from speaker sessions throughout the day. How many speakers do that! Simon was nothing but a delight on and off stage! He has a strong message supported by his experiences and strong stage presence. He is really a funny guy on stage as well. 98% of attendees rated him as excellent!”


“Simon spent time getting to know our attendees and their challenges in advance so he could tailor his keynote directly to them as education leaders. He was the only thought leader that was also an active conference attendee. The result was very powerful. Our attendees left inspired and rejuvenated.”

— National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP)

“As the 2018 Innovations in Testing Conference Chair, I had the pleasure of working with Simon both before and during the conference. He was an absolute joy to work with, graciously spending time with the conference leadership team leading up to the conference and attendees during the conference. Simon’s curiosity, warmth, and positive mindset were apparent in every interaction we had. His inspiring keynote set the perfect tone for the conference and was well-received by the over 1200 members in attendance. If you’re seeking an engaging and motivational speaker, I strongly recommend Simon – I’m confident you’ll be delighted with his message!”

— American Test Publishers Innovations in Testing Conference Chair

“We engaged with Simon to deliver the keynote at our annual Elite Hearing Network conference. He was amazing – he got to know our business, built a strong & relevant message, and delivered with an energy that was perfect! I really appreciated how he took the time to get to know us and understand our challenges – and he was open to feedback for tweaks we requested. The feedback from our members was over the top for Simon! Thank you Simon!”

— Amplifon Americas (Miracle Ear)

“I wanted to let you know that we had a great event with Simon T. Bailey. He was our guest speaker for our Staff Development Day. We had about 175 in attendance. I personally found the presentation to be very enjoyable, and our course evaluations confirmed that our membership found him to be inspiring with practical insight that will improve their teams. His presentation style is well polished with a nice blend of humor that made the day very engaging. Simon made me look good, he made our club look good, and i wanted you to know that we had a favorable experience.”

— Seattle Study Club of Southern Colorado
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