Robyn Benincasa Podcast: EP. 13 | The Benefits of Teamwork

Posted by Ari Frangias

World Champion Adventure Racer, San Diego City Firefighter & CNN Hero

Robyn Benincasa Podcast: EP. 13adventure-racer-eagles-talent

“How do we take great individuals and have them produce outcomes that are better than any individual could ever achieve alone?”

This question is the basis of Keynote Speaker Robyn Benincasa’s philosophies on teamwork. A corporate sales expert turned full-time Firefighter and World Class Adventure Racer, Robyn’s unique blend of corporate knowledge and high-octane experiences makes her an inspiration for individuals and a teaching force for teams.

Before becoming a successful keynote speaker, Robyn spent close to ten years working in pharmaceutical sales. After making the switch to full-time Firefighter and participating in numerous Ironman Triathlons, the thrill-seeker was ready for her next challenge–which for her was a race that would require a higher level of endurance. It was then that Robyn discovered and fell in love with Adventure Racing.

“I discovered the difference between being a solo athlete and being a member of a team—the ability to achieve consistent peak performance by maximizing the best in each other and minimizing the challenges in each other.”

Robyn’s expertise in the benefits of teamwork in relation to peak performance landed her her first professional speaking gig, where she discussed her experiences in Adventure Racing and the power of teamwork in a corporate setting. This speech eventually morphed into one of her most popular speaking topics to date: The 8 Essential Elements of Human Synergy. During this presentation Robyn discusses some of the struggles teams face and how to overcome these challenges in order to achieve full Human Synergy.

One of the biggest challenges teams face is the struggle to leave one’s ego at the door. Too often dissonance among a group develops when team members compete against one another instead of directing their energy towards the real competition outside of their team. According to Robyn, it is up to the leader to create a healthy and encouraging environment among team members.

“The person in the leadership position has to create an environment where people freely ask for help and except help.”

Most importantly, in order for a team to successfully reach peak potential, individual members of the group should never feel embarrassed or too proud to ask for help. It not only encourages a welcoming environment but also works towards strengthening the bonds of team members. Remember:

Excepting help is a gift to the helper! It’s not about admitting you need help or admitting a weakness, it’s about creating a bond to the rest of the team.”

Bring your team together with Robyn Benincasa podcast, and start seeing results!

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Posted by Ari Frangias

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