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Improved Performance Through Improved Attitudes and Actions

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Rory Aplanalp – Improved Performance

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Ben Franklin said ‘if you value your life; value your time, because time is the stuff life is made of.’ Time Tactics is a whole-life approach to time management that integrates the multiple and complex demands of an overloaded lifestyle. Taught with humor and real-life examples, participants will enjoy learning skills they can apply to their own conflicting priorities and begin to find direction to their daily lives.

Real success is not defined by the money you make or the positions you obtain but by the connections shared with those you love and care about. These persons can include significant others, family members, coworkers, friends, clients and vendors – all who make life precious, fun and sometimes even bearable.

A fresh approach to selling that shows the customer you CARE. It has been said, “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. Very rarely do we think of that in terms of Sales. In the customer’s mind, there is always the attitude “what’s in it for me?” Rory teaches how to Create A Rich Experience based on the acronym CARE.

Full of emotion and heart, Rory presents practical wisdom in a lively, humorous and highly interactive keynote address. His masterful use of personal anecdotes will have the audience laughing one moment and deeply moved the next. Packed with ‘take-home’ value, participants leave with renewed determination to face all of life’s professional and personal challenges with positive determination!

The long-term success of any organization is built upon relationships…the relationships we have with the people we work with, the customers we serve, and the people we care most about.

Everyone in the organization makes a difference and this affects the bottom-line. Attitudes – whether positive or negative –matter and they have the power to impact the success of your organization. Sharing proven techniques, Rory Aplanalp engages the audience through humor, real-life examples, and time-tested business principles to touch the Heart( emotion), Mind (logic) and Body (action) of all participants. Filled with ‘take-home’ value, attendees discover for themselves the unique power they have to Make A Positive Difference on and off the job.

This keynote shows how to “Make a Difference”. It starts with the 5-minute commitment to change and creating an action plan. It is not difficult or complicated. It is understanding the strength of the human spirit and how to apply three basic principles that yield immediate results. Positive, proactive, permanent change takes place when a person not only makes a decision but adds to that the power of their passion. This keynote shows you exactly where to start and gives you a new skill enabling you to get there.

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