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Internationally Known Speaker, Author, Consultant

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5 Programs By This Presenter

How do you find the will to move on when faced with life challenges?

This transformational experience will empower audience participants to embrace change, improve performance, and unlock their competitive advantage. Your organization’s associates will be revitalized and recharged – leaving with restored hope, happiness and an improved vision of their future.

Attendees develop an Action Plan with staying power that will support them in achieving their goals and taking charge of their lives today and in the months and years ahead.

Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D. is a recognized role model and agent for change. Her own life was changed while riding a bicycle in 1998 when a 3 1/2 ton tree came crushing down on her. Paralyzed from the waist down with a spinal cord injury, Rossetti looked deep within herself and found new strength and new resolve.

Rossetti uses the 5 Lessons to Live By, learned during her recovery, to revitalize and recharge her audience. She taps into what motivates people to change their behavior, awaken their inner gifts, and find meaning in their lives.

As a recognized industry expert, rather than lecture, Rosemarie inspires participants to bring out the best in themselves through developing tenacity, perseverance, and resilience. She encourages taking advantage of opportunities following adversities so audience members can accomplish more with greater confidence.

Rosemarie’s positive approach to life touches all who hear her. Audiences are captured by her emotive speaking style that rallies them to her message. Her sensitive use of humor encourages laughing while you learn, a proven technique for greater retention of the core messages Rosemarie delivers.

It’s a legal, social, and professional responsibility to adapt your meeting venue to accommodate speakers and attendees with disabilities. Having been paralyzed from the waist down with a spinal cord injury, Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D. speaks from her wheelchair sharing her own dramatic personal story. She now presents to audiences throughout the U.S. and beyond as a recognized expert on inclusive design. In this presentation, Rossetti addresses crucial points you need to know to anticipate challenges in order to achieve a smooth, gracious, and respectful event experience for every participant. She will focus on: why disability inclusivity is so important, how to set up your meeting rooms, adapting to dining and networking challenges, accommodating speakers and guests with wheelchairs, and important resources designed to ease your way as a successful meeting professional.

From the basics to insider practical tips, participants will learn what it takes to develop a timeless, high performance, energy efficient home. Industry trends and resources are included as well as a focus on enhancing living environments while providing for independence, safety, comfort, and convenience.

As a recognized industry expert, Rosemarie will share her personal experiences from the wheelchair along with her knowledge of space planning and accessibility, which resulted in recognition for her Universal Design Living Laboratory as a national demonstration home and garden.

Going green can put more green in your pocket. But only if you understand the value of energy efficiency and sustainability in the products you show. Industry expert Dr. Rosemarie Rossetti will help you identify in-demand green features applicable to homes old and new. She’ll address the concerns of clients in today’s market — and clarify how green products and features enhance home value. You’ll come away with renewed confidence in approaching clients so you can translate your wisdom into green” sales success!

This explosive, hard-hitting, emotionally penetrating presentation is custom designed for insurance professionals, financial representatives, and financial planners.

More than a motivational story about overcoming the challenges of a life-altering accident, Rosemarie Rossetti’s program provides valuable tools and practical sales advice on closing more disability insurance business.

With candor and insight, Rosemarie reveals the intimate details of how her world was drastically changed after her injury. She also shares how her life was buoyed by her disability insurance policy, which helped her take back her life and move from dependence to independence.

As a recognized industry expert, Rosemarie’s unique personal perspective provides an inside glimpse into the reality of coping with a disability. She shares the costs of having a disability and the effect her disability had on everyone in her family.

This comprehensive program covers the many benefits of disability insurance.


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