Ruth Rathblott

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Disability DEI Expert, Speaker and Author

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As companies and people, we tend to adopt and foster the mentality that there is a norm. A certain way we are supposed to show up in the world and in our companies, and in our market. And if we don’t, as individuals, fit that norm, then we often work really hard to cover it up – to blend – to overcompensate.

But covering it up turns a crack into a canyon. We assume that our “disability” is something that shouldn’t fit when in truth, it’s actually something that brings value. And we end up hiding what would actually allow us to serve our teams and customers and markets at the highest level. And when we learn to truly diversify our teams, we realize that most of us are hiding something. Come listen to one woman’s journey out of hiding — her unhiding and how it allowed her to become a stronger leader and a more engaged employee.

Today we change the conversation and stop just checking the box on diversity and inclusion to create something that makes our teams and our brand, and its leaders more engaged, productive, and innovative than ever before.

Join award-winning speaker Ruth Rathblott, MSW in a transformative session that challenges the norms of conformity and inspires attendees to break free from hiding what makes them unique. Born with a limb difference, Ruth will share her journey toward unhiding her disability and becoming a stronger leader in diversity and inclusion.

This session will provide practical strategies for creating a more diverse and inclusive team that values difference. By embracing our differences, attendees can serve their teams and customers at a higher level. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock the power of unhiding and become a stronger leader and more engaged employee!

Note: Fireside chats provide a personal and interactive platform for discussing the complex topic of “unhiding” and its impact on culture, fostering meaningful connections, and encouraging positive change within an organization. Employees appreciate and value an executive leader modeling vulnerability and discussing how hiding impacted their leadership and how unhiding allows for thriving and belonging.

Have you ever felt like you were hiding part of yourself? The answer is likely yes!

In this presentation, Ruth discusses the universal feelings of hiding and covering and how different it is from the imposter syndrome often felt in the workplace.

Through an engaging presentation, Ruth leads the attendees through creating strategies to emerge from hiding. Her core message is to Own Your Differences.

One key question answered is how do we create the conversation and space for others’ differences?

Ready to find out?

Living authentically means being able to bring your full self to work. To have the freedom to face challenges, ask for help without fear, and share your experiences to help others.

When we spend so much time hiding parts of ourselves, we become exhausted and feel lonely and isolated.

Are we really performing at our best if we have to expend energy to hide pieces of ourselves while at work?

Ruth shares approaches and action plans to move us forward by owning our differences and creating space for others differences.

Ready to start the collective journey of acceptance?

Most of us know when people are being authentic, accepting themselves — right? Maybe not. Nodding ‘yes’ isn’t an indicator that they are really present.

In this presentation, Ruth explores what authenticity really means, how it benefits the organization and the true importance of showing up as who we are.

She leads an interactive discussion around showing empathy and what humanity looks like in the workplace.

By the end of this presentation, attendees will be thinking about representation – and whose voices are heard.

Ready for the team to be fully present at work?

Ready to have a conversation around Inclusion, but not sure where to start or what that looks like?

Ruth leads attendees in personal reflection and small group activities that encourages them to explore 4 dimensions of Inclusion.

Connection – how do we build attachment and display humanity?

Understanding – how do we create safe places for conversations about difference?

Representation – how do we ensure that everyone has a seat at the table?

Empathy – are we fostering a workplace with allies and ambassadors?

And how does all of this relate to our human need for belonging?

This workshop addresses these questions … and more!


“Ruth’s talk to our employees during Viacom’s Inaugural Inclusion Week was wonderful and inspiring; it hit all marks just as we hoped. Her story resonated with our employees, and I hope  she continues to share her story with other corporations who value diversity and inclusion and inspire us all to accept our differences and live our authentic selves. I look forward to staying connected to Ruth as we continue to explore disability inclusion here at Viacom.”

— VP, Global Inclusion Strategy, ViacomCBS

“I was very inspired by Ruth and her life story! She has excelled as the CEO of a education nonprofit. Even harder, she has conquered her shame and life obstacle of hiding her limb difference. We were grateful to have her speak at the agency and share her personal journey of difference. She received rave reviews, and it was so important for our teams to be exposed to all different kinds of people and experiences.”

— Chairman, M Booth

“Ruth is one of the best. She shared her personal experiences and followed those stories with easily digestible lessons. Ruth engaged the audience and was excellent answering difficult on the spot questions. I was very impressed and inspired by Ruth. I look forward to keeping in contact and collaborating with her in the future.”

— COO/Business Manager- Credit Trading, Barclays Investment Bank
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