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Dr. Samuel Jones

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Imagine working in an environment where employees short- and long-term goals are constantly modified due to external forces (labor shortages, inflation, the economy, customer satisfaction, etc.); they have unstructured deadlines from management; and they have strict guidance that adhere to company policy that is outdated and obsolete. In reality, you don’t have to imagine this kind of workplace, because it already exists thanks to transactional leadership. In this program, Dr. Jones will help participants to identify and implement strategies of transformational leadership to help develop team members support for group efforts within their organizations for—MORE creativity, MORE resistant to stress, MORE flexible and open to change, and MORE likely to one day become transformational leaders themselves.

Participants will learn:

  • The foundational components of Transformational Leadership
  • How to implement TLC (not tender, loving, care) to build effective relationships with your team, your customers/members and management.
  • Strategies to decrease the noise and focus on 5G™ to transmit purpose in daily activities when tenants complain
  • Strategies that can increase or decrease your motivation to execute your action plan

Organizational leaders face environments that are more complicated, less predictable, and more volatile than ever before. These environments also expose the weaknesses of organizational culture, the inability of team members to collaborate with each other and their fading individual performance. The truth is, successful leaders SHIFT, not just for survival but for success and significance. In this program, Dr. Jones will help attendees to implement a new practice for focused and increased productivity in the areas where they are STUCK. 

Participants will learn: 

  • Strategies to shift your thoughts and emotions about success and failure
  • Three key principles to Simplify the SHIFT™ when working in environments of chaos, confusion, and uncertainty 
  • Identify five common biases in the workplace and how to overcome them

In a world of unprecedented and accelerating change, the need for transformation is putting intense pressure on organizations and their leaders. This change is also requiring organizations to invest more in their people, to evaluate their products, and to adapt their processes to provide better service. In this session, Dr. Jones will help participants to understand and apply the transformational leadership principles of the Butterfly Mindset™ to become more resilient, more flexible, and more purposeful in challenging times.

Key learning takeaways-Participants will learn:

  • A Behavior of Transformational Leaders and how you can implement TLC (not tender, loving, care) to build effective organizational culture
  • How to use a component of Transactional Leadership to become a Transformational Leader
  • Strategies that can increase or decrease your motivation to execute your action plan
  • Three action steps to ensure effective execution to start leading in your current roll

Businesses face an accelerated pace of change as the need for technology and other rapidly changing consumer expectations reshape their world. Also, while current and future employees have greater demands for meaning in their work as the declining levels of trust in companies reshape their expectations.

Takeaways: Participants will be able to…

Establish purpose and profit as the core of your strategy
Bridge the gap between strategy and execution
Enhanced clarity about cultural change that sticks for the future

As the climate of endless disruptions continue to rise in business, leaders worry that their employees can’t–or just won’t change to meet the increasing demands that lie ahead. And as these threats seem to get closer to home and impact their bottom line, organizations and its leaders must adapt in order to mobilize the workforce of tomorrow today.

Takeaways: Participants will be able to…

Discover strategies that support current employees as a reserve of talent and energy
Identify three critical gaps between business leaders and middle-skill workers and what employers can do to help
Identify five ways to help your team be open to change

In challenging times, we must be clear and impartial about business obligations because ‘average’ tendencies creep into the normal day-to-day operations. In this program, Dr. Jones support participants in overcoming the silos of average habits to create patterns of excellence within their organization and in life.

Takeaways: Participants will be able to…

Recognize the 5 reasons why leaders struggle, and eventually fail in any economy
Demonstrate 5 innovative techniques leaders can implement that transform average tendencies into patterns of excellence
Integrate strategies to enhance partnerships at any level within the organizationRAISE THE BAR (BELIEFS. ACTIONS. RESULTS.)

One of the most painful things to see is a bold, confident employee fall into the trap of mediocrity. Even great employees can be subject to run-of-the-mill habits and getting caught in the slump of repetitive routines. This program encourages attendees to improve by uncovering ways to ‘Raise the B.A.R. by turning beliefs into actions to achieve desired results. Dr. Jones will share ways to re-energize, re-engage, and re-spark your inner drive, improve results and maximizing productivity.

Takeaways: Participants will be able to…

Define and evaluate their beliefs for what works and what doesn’t work
Capitalize on actions that increase and demand higher expectations
Demonstrate strategies to motivate their team to reach new heights

In his forthcoming book, Turning Points: How Common Moments Can Have Amazing Uncommon Significance, Dr. Jones makes the case that we all experience moments that can change the course of our lives and that there are specific things we can do to make them purposeful. You need to be aware of those moments in your life and look for ways to make them happen again and again for yourself and for those you serve.

Key learning takeaways – Participants will:

Recognize the AWARENESS of their current beliefs and behaviors.
Demonstrate a greater understanding and use of their IMAGINATION for what results they desire.
Employ strategies to complete a purposeful MISSION to accomplish short-term and long-term goals.

This program is designed for leaders that expect to implement positive permanent change to help their people to create turning points for each other and their customers (to improve morale, uncover strategies to improve performance, increase employee engagement and enhance soft skills). Relevant for associations, educational institutions, and corporations; to persons of all ages and all departments.

Business bottom lines are negatively impacted whenever diversity and inclusion issues arise in the workplace and not addressed. And this ‘elephant in the room’ continues to expand the gap between the behaviors that unlock the potentials of a diverse workforce and leaders acting as if it’s not an issue. This program is designed to help organizations create a competitive edge by instituting a culture of inclusive leadership for greater profitability and value creation.

Key Learning Takeaways

Understand why “diversity” and “inclusion” are misunderstood to be the same thing in the workplace.
Distinguish between the behaviors of the most inclusive leaders and the least inclusive leaders.
Identify four levers that drive inclusion and the six behaviors that support inclusion efforts in the workplace.


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