Sandra Lane

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Keynote, Board-Certified Professional Organizer and Productivity Specialist

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Procrastination is a habit that everyone experiences. It's a pricey form of self-sabotage that can

prevent you from completing projects and enjoying the results of a job well-done. In this

presentation, participants will gain an understanding of why we engage in this behavior and the

impact left in its wake. You will discover 10 easy-to-implement strategies to outsmart procrastination

so you can meet your goals and enjoy productive work days.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand why we procrastinate and why it’s not going away.

2. Identify the personal and professional impact which results from delaying our work.

3. Learn 10 actionable steps to accomplish tasks we put off and beat procrastination.

Can you imagine how productive you would be and the contribution you could make if you saved

time, lowered your stress, and felt organized and efficient? Impossible you say? Not when you learn

Sandra Lane, Certified Professional Organizer’s 4-step formula to declutter. In this entertaining and

thought-provoking session, the result will be an improved version of yourself ready to rise up to new

heights in both your personal and professional life.

Learning Objectives:

1. Identify the various forms of clutter (tangible and intangible) in your home and work life.

2. Recognize the negative impact of excess clutter.

3. Learn and be inspired to implement Sandra’s 4-step strategy to release clutter in all areas of your

life, home and work. (Recognize, Review, Release, Rise)

Workers wrestle daily with constant demands of their time. Obligations at work, home, and in the

community can have them spinning. They often feel overwhelmed, out-of-sync and unproductive. No

worries, Sandra Lane will provide you with the direction and guidance to get you on the Road to

Productivity. It begins with these 7 Habits to elevate your game and enjoy more productive days


Learning Objectives:

1. Recognize the important tenets of successful habit formation.

2. Learn a game-changing tip which can reclaim up to 2 hours in your day.

3. Be empowered to adopt the 7 Habits to sustainably boost your productivity.

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