Scott McCleskey

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Governance, Risk & Compliance Professional

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Culture is often dismissed as an intangible and inconsequential aspect to business. Through real-world examples, Scott McCleskey shows how culture can have a concrete impact – good and bad – on an organization’s bottom line.

The “Tone from the Top” of an organization is important, but day-to-day decisions in the heart of the organization may have little to do with the aspirations embodied in the Code of Conduct. Scott McCleskey discusses ways to assess the actual state of culture in an organization, what really drives behavior, and how to spot subcultures that could endanger the entire organization.

Performance goals and incentives aren’t simply a management tool, they’re the single most important driver of behavior in an organization. Learn how they drive ethical (or unethical) decisions, how to evaluate the varying level of risk they may present, and how to use this understanding as a tool to manage ethical risk in your organization. Compliance and Regulation

Scandals, politics and technology have changed the regulatory landscape for many industries: the requirements aren’t just growing, they’re changing at an accelerating pace. Scott McCleskey, a former Chief Compliance Officer and former Global Head of Regulatory Intelligence at Thomson Reuters discusses how to anticipate regulatory change, implement new programs efficiently and effectively, and how to maintain a positive relationship with regulators.

Conflicts of Interest are unavoidable in any business and by themselves aren’t necessarily a bad thing. But left unattended, they can be the root cause of ethical problems that harm the reputation of your organization and hit your bottom line. Scott McCleskey leads listeners through the concept and pitfalls of conflicts, stresses the conflicts that are often overlooked by compliance programs. Using up-to-date real-world examples, he discusses how organizations can mitigate conflicts to avoid being the next headline.

After four decades, the Department of Labor has made fundamental changes to the duties owed by financial professionals related to retirement accounts. Scott McCleskey unwinds the requirements and highlights the less-than-apparent issues that may arise for institutions covered by the rule, and discusses how to manage the process of coming into compliance with the new regulatory structure.


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