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Internationally Recognized Expert on Distinction

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Scott McKain

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“For every Amazon, there is a Sears. For every Starbucks, there is a HoJo’s. For every Apple, there is a Nokia. How do you ensure distinction – personally and organizationally – so you don’t get left behind in a changing marketplace?”

After the enormous success of “Create Distinction,” a client asked Scott, “What’s the ultimate level?” That inspired his new book – and keynote presentation – “ICONIC.” How does a professional or organization become so distinctive that they not only stand out in their industry, but set the benchmark for innovation, customer experience, and employee culture?

Key takeaways:

·     The Five Factors of Iconic Performance
·     The ONLY two factors upon which customers will judge you
·     Why much of what you’ve heard – like “under promise/over deliver,” “defense wins
·     championships,” “sell harder” – does not work in today’s marketplace of multiple generations and cultures.

How do you stand out from your competition, so you become their preferred choice in a volatile marketplace? Scott reveals the elements that pull you back to the pack – and the Four Cornerstones of Distinction it takes to attain remarkable success.

Key takeaways:

·     How to avoid the mistakes of commoditization
·     The specific steps you must take to create distinction
·     The importance of personal responsibility in organizational growth

What is the ultimate experience that a customer could have doing business with your organization?

This program will teach your team what it takes to create undying loyalty and endless referrals.

Key takeaways:

·     The five steps of an Ultimate Customer Experience
·     Every custom-designed program includes step-by-step strategies and actionable solutions that can be applied to an endless range of workplace challenges.
·     Why the experience – and not service – generates loyalty; and what you need to do to create it
·     The information you need to personalize the experience, in order to intensify the customer’s commitment to your organization
·     The Six Disconnections Between Organizations and Customers — and how to bridge the gaps so you can engage distinctively

Our research shows that not only are most organizations selling customers and prospects exactly like their competitors, they’re also not emphasizing the differences that will make them the superior choice. In this program, Scott shows the steps required to sell uniquely in a hyper-competitive marketplace.

Key takeaways:

·     Sell the differences that make you a preferred choice
·     Four ways to sell uniquely from your competition
·     How to transcend transaction and develop loyal relationships for more sales
·     The six key disconnections between sales professionals and their customers

Your organization’s culture will always trump your organization’s strategy – for culture determines how we execute. Yet, in this time of so many diverse generations and cultures working together in our organization, how do we develop a culture that creates distinction? In this program, Scott helps you develop a game plan that respects our differences – and helps us draw strength from our diversity.

Key takeaways:

·     Why “different” from how we do it doesn’t mean “incorrect” in how it’s done
·     How generational differences can create distinction when we develop an open, accepting
·     organizational culture
·     How to thrive in a workplace with multiple generations, and how to work with people who
·     think differently than you


“The only speaker in the history of our company to have received a perfect score from EVERY attendee at our most important global partners event. We’ve booked the leading speakers in the world. Scott McKain received the highest ratings of all.”

— Cisco

“I have but a brief moment to say what profound effect your presentation has had in my business and personal life. Thank you, I will endeavor to make myself stand out…”

— Sysco

“It is not often I will make such a recommendation, but in this case I feel it is very much worth it – so if you are thinking about an event to reinforce the Customer Focus and get a new angle on the topic, then I can only recommend that you get in touch with Scott.”


“Scott McKain was the most engaging speaker we have hired over the last several years. The ability he has to connect with the audience is outstanding and extremely personal. He applied real life, personal and business scenarios with his material which kept our audience wanting more. I would highly recommend Scott McKain for your next speaking event.”

— UniPro Foodservice, Inc.

“He was a hit! Had the entire group laughing while also giving very insightful information.”

— Reflexis Systems Inc.
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