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Shawna Suckow The Buyer Insider

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Welcome to the era of Relationship Marketing! Consumers all over the world are evolving and changing, and American B2B buyers are particularly different than they were just a few years ago. Following the recession, buyers changed how they behave, how they prefer you to connect with them, and how they make their buying decisions. The days of cold calling are over, and buyers don’t respond to email anymore. They’re using technology and procurement processes more and more to lock you out of their sales process. The traditional sales role is dying. What’s a salesperson supposed to do?

There’s never been a time where our culture has been more saturated with marketing messages from every angle, every minute of the day. Translation: there’s never been a more challenging time for brands trying to get consumers to focus on their marketing efforts. As consumers, we’ve all grown savvier about blocking and ignoring what we deem to be irrelevant messaging, and we’ve grown intolerant with interruption marketing. How can you break through this cluttered marketing landscape to get the attention of your desired audience? This session will reveal research that shows what’s working, and what’s not. By looking through the lens of your desired customers through recent research, you’ll get a fresh perspective on how to approach your marketing challenges. This eye-opening session will leave you with five fresh ways to rethink your marketing strategy.

There’s one constant in today’s economy: recessions are cyclical. We’ve been through several economic downturns, but each one is unique based on the national and consumer trends that are brewing at the time. Based on economic data, the next recession likely will hit in late 2020. Savvy salespeople and businesses don’t wait and react; they leverage the latest data and interpret the trends to form a strategy. One thing is certain: insight and preparation are key. Join Shawna Suckow, CSP, as she shares her latest findings on the major and minor trends that will impact your livelihood in the year ahead. She’ll start with national trends affecting us all, then move into consumer behavior shifts that are forming due to the looming recession. She’ll then distill it all down to how all this likely will impact your industry in the near future. It’s not just data though; she’ll translate these trends into relevant steps you can take to recession-proof your sales NOW.


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