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Generational & Marketing Guru

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Four distinct generations are working shoulder to shoulder in today’s business and nonprofit organizations, each with a unique set of attitudes, values and work styles. It used to be that the “older” workers were bosses and the ‘Millennials” took orders. Now, roles are drastically different and the rules of the workplace are being challenged. Organizations are feeling the effects of the generational gaps as they struggle to manage productivity and morale while attempting to maintain high standards of quality and service in the ever changing economy.

Bridging the Generational Gap demonstrates not only why it’s important to understand what shaped the generations and why they behave the way they do, but the challenges they face as Millennials enter the workforce with distinct expectations and the Baby Boomer philosophy that Millennials must be just like them if they want to be successful. Learn about Collision Points—areas at work where the generations are bumping up against each other and causing problems.

We discuss how generation gaps hit your bottom line. Learn what to do about the approaching talent gap; understand and implement the keys to retaining the generations you need the most; and discover how to convert this critical form of diversity from an obstacle into an exciting opportunity.

Being a leader in today’s workplace is more complicated than ever before. Leaders are being required to increase greater employee diversity, factors such as rapidly changing technology, an uncertain economy, mergers, closings, and layoffs have made today’s workplace more challenging than in the past.

Leadership is not necessarily determined by one’s position on an organization chart or what’s on a resume; it is a role they play in their organization, church and community. With all of these various roles constantly changing, being a leader can simply mean being open to change, being reliable and responsible, regardless of their age or position on the corporate ladder.

The attitudes of the generations vary from attitudes about loyalty to staying on the cutting edge of technology; each generation brings unique leadership traits to their workplace. While some organizations are trying to figure out which generation’s way of leading is best, when in reality there is no cookie cutter solution, in reality no generation is better or worse, they’re just different.

The Generational Guru will help your organization identify the obstacles and opportunities for leadership within each generation and understand the potential impact everyone can make as a leader.

Global businesses are in the early stages of being rocked by the arrival of a new and powerful generation. Who are these kids? Millennials (born 1981 to 2000)—the first generation to rival Baby Boomers in population size—are showing up at work with their own set of expectations, attitudes, and values. Techno-savvy, demanding and ambitious, they’re bringing with them an entirely new way of doing business. How prepared are Gen Xers, Baby Boomers and Traditionalists to motivate and manage them?

Embracing Millennials offers strategies for attracting, retaining and motivating this influential generation; they are our future leaders in the new work force. Companies that are forewarned and prepared to make the changes to meet their needs will reap the rewards of the Millennial generation’s talents, creative and pragmatic approach to the world of work.

The best marketing teams and salespeople have always needed a highly developed arsenal of tools to help them reach potential buyers and connect with customers to improve sales. Now they must embrace and understand each of the generations in today’s marketplace, how they differ in their approach and communication style and how their unique talents play a large part in the sales and marketing process. How can you identify the hot buttons of your top sales performers? What messages will appeal to your multi-generational customer base?

These questions and more are addressed in a highly entertaining program that helps energize marketing gurus and salespeople and teaches sure-fire strategies for sharpening your generational edge in the marketing and selling arenas. It shows audiences how generational insights can transform marketing campaigns and sales efforts. Generation gaps are everywhere, and businesses can gain a distinct competitive edge if they get to know who the generations are, what makes them tick, and how to make every generational connection count.

The best in class customer service providers understands what specific customer service requirements mean to each generation. Whether on the phone, online or face-to-face, attitudes and biases can be reflected in what you say and how you say it; common courtesies often are interpreted differently by each generation. Imagine a Millennial nurse walking into a hospital room and asking Susan how she is today, but the problem is that ‘Susan” is a Traditionalist and she is immediately offended by the Millennials clear lack of respect by not addressing her as Mrs. Susan Smith? And why doesn’t the Millennial nurse turn off that irritating tweeting noise when she is talking to the patient? An organization’s strategies must reflect the changing face of a multi- generational customer base.

You will gain a distinct competitive edge by training your staff on the traits of your four generations of customers and tips how to communicate more effectively with each generation to increase collaboration and communication.

Learn through the entertaining and humorous real life stories the Generational Guru shares to help you avoid patronizing behaviors and capitalize on emotional connections to make every customer’s experience a positive one.


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