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Author and On-Air Financial Journalist

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There’s a lot more to financial planning then dollars and cents. In this presentation, award-winning financial journalist and author, Stacey Tisdale, helps her audience gain insights into how non-financial influences, such as gender, race, role modeling, and social pressures, play out in their belief systems, consequently, their choices and behaviors around money. Ms. Tisdale gives her audience tools to move beyond the limitations of conditioning, and align their financial lives with their values, goals, and priorities.

Our gender and race not only impact how we are received by the world, but they also impact what we believe is possible for our lives in most areas, money being now different. In this presentation, award winning financial journalist and author, Stacey Tisdale, shows her audience how to identify the ways in which gender and race are playing out in their financial beliefs and experiences. Through this increased awareness, participants will learn how to step away from conditioning that does not serve them, and how to create lives that reflects who they truly are, and what they value.

According to the census bureau, by 2032, minorities will be the majority population in the United States. In addition, Nielsen Research finds that black households in the US earning $200,000 a year, and $75,000 a year, are the fastest-growing income groups. That the business world must be able understand and serve this affluent new consumer. Award-winning financial journalist and author, Stacey Tisdale, shares insights that will help all understand the complex relationship this consumer has with money.


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