Steph Davis

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Embracing Change, Managing Risk & Fear

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Steph Davis
Steph Davis – Embracing Change
Steph Davis
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Steph Davis shares her journey from a not-so-adventurous suburban childhood to a self-made career of climbing and flying from high peaks around the world. Extreme sports require extreme discipline, problem-solving skills and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Steph’s story of adventure will inspire any group to redefine the meaning of “impossible” and to take on big challenges with creativity and an enthusiasm for change.

We are all asked to do impossible things–“impossible” often just means you haven’t figured it out yet. Pushing past the edge is what Steph Davis does on a daily basis: she climbs mountains and flies off them in a squirrel suit.

Steph shares her story of following a simple passion for climbing rocks to becoming an icon in the extreme sports world.  She offers tools we can all use to take on big problems, to work through fear and to manage risk.

Steph’s message of facing challenge with humility, focus and determination is accompanied by jaw-dropping imagery that will take your group out of the conference room and to the highest peaks around the world, and will inspire everyone to rethink the meaning of “impossible”.

Risk & Resilience – The world is changing faster today than ever before. We are faced with a constant stream of information and decision points as we navigate relationships and business. The most valuable tool we have in managing risk is our own resilience. In 25 years of literally living on the edge, as both an extreme sports athlete and an
entrepreneur, Steph Davis has developed a method to walk that edge with grace and confidence. How do you turn failure into opportunity? How do you turn fear into success? By learning to cultivate resilience and choosing to step forward into the unknown, we can all meet our own Edge with confidence and excitement. A dynamic and engaging storyteller, Steph uses jaw-dropping imagery and video to share these lessons through the incredible metaphors of free solo climbing and wingsuit flight in some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes of the world.

Format: Steph’s keynote presentation is 50 minutes, with option for Q&A, with breathtaking videos and images.


“Steph Davis is a rare individual who has accomplished really big things in a short time. Her mixed media presentation is both entertaining and thought
provoking. I encourage every meeting planner to consider Steph as a keynote for their upcoming events.”

— National Association of State Technology
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