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Founder & President of Story Arc Consulting

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Innovative thinking is changing the modern world faster than at any point in human history, but now more than ever, innovation is not resigned to only the inventors, engineers, and scientists. The greatest innovators of our time are men like Steve Jobs. A man who didn’t invent the first Apple computer (Steve Wozniak) nor the iPod or iPhone (Tony Fadell). Instead, he established a culture of innovation that catalyzed and nurtured new ideas and new ways of thinking.

Steve Lerch will share stories from a decade at Google, where he worked with the world’s most innovative brands like GoPro, FitBit, and Nest. Dive into the history of some of Google’s most iconic projects like self-driving cars and augmented reality glasses, and more importantly, understand the simple, underlying cultural principles that allowed for these innovations. Principles like Launch and Iterate, Fail Well, and Bet on Technical Insights.

In an era when seemingly unknown YouTube creators reach larger audiences than cultural icons like Game of Thrones, it’s time for all of us to change our perceptions of influence, and for businesses to start accepting the fact that what they did ten years ago, five years ago, or even one year ago may be out dated. Everything has changed, from how we connect and communicate to how we gather information and make decisions. Consumer preferences for digital content are changing as quickly as the latest food and diet fads, but fortunately for us, it’s all connected.

Explore how simple indicators like Google search data and social media comments can be used to understand and quickly react to the most unexpected trends in food and health (like an Australian Real Estate Mogul influencing a massive surge in American avocado toast consumption and a Real Housewives star setting a more significant definition of healthy than any doctor in the country). Through embracing these wild trends and accompanying data, better prepare yourself to take advantage of whatever comes next, including a world in which grocery trips are becoming as heavily researched as your next car purchase and in a world in which both consumers and retailers are finally getting on the same page with digital grocery shopping.

Today’s advertising industry professionals are eager to predict what’s next. We envision as of yet un-achieved technological innovations that suddenly manifest and dramatically change the marketing landscape. What we fail to embrace are the brilliant strategies and cutting edge uses of existing technology that are already happening across our industry. “What’s Next” for you and your business may be “What’s Now” for one of your competitors, an advertising leader, or some unknown mom-and-pop shop in a totally unrelated industry.

Explore some of today’s most innovative advertising campaigns, strategies, and technologies and learn how these approaches will grow to become common place in the coming years.

Influencer Marketing has long been seen as the Wild West for companies and ad agencies uncomfortable with relinquishing control. After years of intimidating more conservative marketers, these new-age strategies have finally started to gain mainstream acceptance as traditional advertisers. The challenge for today’s influencer campaigns is striking the perfect balance between exerting control over the elements that require controlling, while still allowing for the genius and authenticity that can only stem from the Wild West nature of modern influencers.

Explore the shared attributes of today’s most impactful and memorable influencer programs and learn the key steps to launching an authentic, original, successful influencer campaign that doesn’t lower your established standards on attribution, targeting, and performance.

Regardless of your industry, product, or customers, your world looks drastically different than it did ten years ago, five years ago, and if you look closely enough, drastically different than it did one year ago.

Digital Marketing Vision and Strategy – Learn best practices and new approaches based on the nine years of digital marketing insights and expertise I’ve learned from first hand experience at Google and working with hundreds of advertisers. A presentation customized for your industry and audience offering inspiration, as well as practical action items and next steps for attendees.

Focus on the consumer journey from thought to desire to action to reflection, and how that journey has changed over time. A narrative fully customized for your audience and the decision making path of your consumers, including communications strategies to leverage these insights.

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“I had the pleasure of hearing Steve Lerch speak at Google’s Inspire Academy in 2018. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. Steve’s unique ability to connect with the audience was pure magic. He delivered a well-spoken and courageous personal narrative around change and starting over. This was applicable not only to a room full of marketers as we were challenged to think about our respective businesses but also as fellow human beings. I would whole-heartedly recommend Steve for speaking engagements.”

— Cotton Incorporated

“Steve Lerch is a dynamic and knowledgeable speaker. I booked him for two sessions at a recent event. He was able to tailor his message to each audience and present entirely different material. He’s polished and professional, while being approachable. His presentations are the perfect mix of being based on fact yet full of his unique perspective. I’m also super impressed by his ability to provide specific examples and intel during audience Q&A. I highly recommend Steve for your next event!”

— Top Producers

“IDFA’s Dairy Forum attendees were excited to learn that Steve Lerch was invited back for the second year in a row to speak about the digital revolution. Both times Steve drew a standing room only crowd as he demystified “The Digital Evolution of Food and Health.” He provided an overview of relevant lessons learned in the digital space, about the fast pace of changing consumer trends, fads and shared simple strategies on how to connect and leverage your brand within this important emerging market. Steve is a passionate, engaging speaker and his knowledge is cutting edge.”

— International Dairy Foods Association

“Steve Lerch is a dynamic and entertaining speaker.  With his experience at Google, he has his pulse on the importance of digital marketing to connect with your customers.  And, he’s able to provide real-world, actionable insights that can be leveraged whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a family-owned enterprise.”

— Milk Processor Education Program

“We’ve had the pleasure of having Steve speak to a variety of audiences the past few years. He has always been in high-demand within our organization because of his ability to speak eloquently and powerfully about the topic at hand. His energy is contagious, and he always seems to leave the audience motivated. I can also attest to his skills in answering any question that is thrown his way. He possesses a great combination of thinking creatively and analytically both, which is very much respected!”

— National Pork Board
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