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Empowerment Speaker: Creator of The Journey Workshop©, a high-impact, non-traditional empowerment tool for helping underprepared and first-time-in-college students achieve higher levels of academic success.

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Steven LeMons – The Journey Workshop Reel
Steven LeMons- Choices Reel
Steven LeMons- Attitude Reel
Steven LeMons- Attitude Reel

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To successfully navigate in this new post-pandemic landscape requires embracing a new mindset. Students finding themselves trapped in generational poverty, many without the intellectual, social, or financial capital needed for success, often see their dream of successful college graduation die before it materializes. A change in attitude is essential for these students to create a different perspective toward themselves and their situation.

Steven LeMons, the creator of The Journey Workshop©, engages struggling and underprepared students with content that’s relevant, thought-provoking, and filled with practical techniques for approaching life. He instructs students on redirecting negative thinking and self-defeating habits. He provides easy-to-understand examples showing how they can turn their self-doubt into realistic and attainable goals. He addresses root causes, meets students at their points of need, and builds pathways that help students focus on their unique brand of excellence.

When students break free from the distractions of dream stealing unproductive habits and perhaps generational cycles of underachievement, they uncover a relentless and passionate desire for success they previously could not have imagined or realized.


  • Provide usable real-world success principles that prepare, empower and inspire underprepared students for shedding self-defeating habits, entrenched myths, and mindsets that hinder performance.
  • Explore techniques for helping students break free from negative attitudes, entanglements, and beliefs about themselves that destroy their confidence and form false narratives they embrace and eventually adopt as truth.
  • Show how providing a ‘reason for success’ can stimulate critical thinking skills and how the importance of developing non-cognitive abilities supports a foundation for long-term success.
  • Assist students in the art of goal setting and its importance to long-term achievement.
  • Improves the quality of the education experience by meeting students at their various points of need and illuminating elements in their lives that could help generate positive solutions for addressing their specific condition.
  • Help students find effective ways for building an appreciation for developing long-term mentor and instructor relationships.

As high achievers, many of us navigate successfully while seemingly trapped in a perpetual state of transition. We often spend more time solving what appear to be unsolvable problems for others while neglecting ourselves. As our roles continually expand and the obstacles that make even small victories more complex, the stress surrounding our next level of positive outcomes can sometimes become unbearable. This session can help your team make a shift from a stagnated mindset to mining exciting possibilities, both personally and professionally. This session equip your team with valuable tools and strategies for managing and thriving in a hectic and chaotic world.

Has every day become more of the same for your team? Do they find themselves just going through the motions, or have they lost their ability to get fired up? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the more significant challenge might be, “How can they reembrace the massive energy and passion that once drove them? This highly interactive and inspirational session transforms outdated perspectives and utilizes metaphors from one of America’s favorite pastimes; sports!

Steven highlights the rules of the game and why having the proper equipment is crucial to achieving high levels of success both on the field and in the game of life. He also underscores that whatever the game, contact sports cannot be played without the game’s most essential element; the ball. Steven demonstrates how the connection between sports, the game of life, and success, often mirror each other. In sports or in the game of life, the goal is always the same, to win.


“I came from a family of dysfunction, fighting, and turmoil. I had different family members tell me that I couldn’t make it and that I didn’t belong. I am raising six children on my own. It’s hard, but, no matter who you are or what you’ve been through, you can get out of it. I have a 3.8 GPA. Thank you so much for everything. You have no idea how your words and visuals from The Journey workshops, that I’ve thought about a million and one times, have stuck with me in my darkest hours. You are greatly appreciated, and I’ll never forget you! There are so many others out there that need you! Again thanks.”

— A. Smith

“I just finished The Journey by Steven LeMons. One thing I really learned from this workshop is vision, success, and taking advantage of opportunities. Often times, I fail at opportunities because I feel that I won’t be successful, but Steven says to take advantage of those opportunities, even if you make mistakes, keep on moving, because that’s what the journey is about. So, for those who haven’t attended The Journey, you have to come. It’s life changing.”

— J. Royal

“I am a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington, and I am a non-traditional student. I didn’t quite have a vision for myself, but many other people did. One thing I have learned is that, many times, others can see things inside you that you can’t. If you will only take half the time as I did to listen to Mr. LeMons’ The Journey you will understand and learn things about yourself too that you didn’t know. I believe I have found my vision, through this particular journey.”

— R. Day

“I really did not want to attend, but he had me engaged throughout the entire thing. From the music to everything he shared that he went through. He even has a step-by-step plan….a whole journal that you can just follow. I definitely recommend it to anyone.”

— E. Palacio
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