Keynote Speaker Feature: The Power of One by Inspirational Teacher w/ Tourette’s, Brad Cohen

Posted by Alexis Washington

People didn’t believe in me! People didn’t want to give me a chance because I made funny noises and funny faces. All I wanted growing up was to be treated like everyone else, with respect! I had to learn the hard way as I overcame my challenge of living with Tourette’s syndrome. I set out to prove the world wrong, that not only could I find success, but I could do most things better than a normal person could.

I beat the odds as I achieved my dream to become an elementary school teacher after twenty-five interviews. I went on to become the First Class Teacher of the Year in the State of Georgia. I now show people about The Power of One! How all it takes is for one person to make a difference in the life of someone else.

Today, I am that role model for so many people as I show them if you have a positive attitude, you can reach your dreams and find success much like I was able to do. When you feel like giving up, or people around you feel like giving up, I hope you remember my story and say the same thing my second grade students use to say about me; and that is, “if Mr. Cohen can do it, then so can I!”


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Posted by Alexis Washington
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