The Gratitude-Attitude-Behavior- Environment (GABE) training is a way to harness the excitement created in the keynote and customize it for the individual groups who want to put it into practice.

By identifying things for which we are Grateful, we create leverage to change our Attitude, thus affecting our Behavior, which then creates a better environment for ourselves and those around us.

As mentioned in the keynotes, one of our first jobs is to identify when we’ve gotten off track. Whether we notice this for ourselves or if someone is kind enough to help us see it, either way, the next step is to pause, recalibrate, and then come back in with a fresh perspective.

TIM is about creating the interruption that allows for a reset. Lemon to Laughter is about using humor to act as an immediate quick fix reset. GABE is an action-oriented approach to redefining our experiences, essentially rewriting our internal script, and creating that reset. It’s both a short and long-term solution. And once it is a habit, it often prevents a negative mindset from forming in the first place.

Witnessing Lemons to Laughter is a solid exposure to the concepts, but actively working with Tim is a way to turbocharge it from a hypothetical concept to a fully-manifested reality.