Todd Hunt

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Funny Keynote Speaker, Business Humorist and Author

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Todd Hunt – Business Humorist

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A deeper dive into communication misfires, in which we analyze what went wrong and brainstorm how to improve…with hands-on writing exercises, systematic instruction demonstration and tips for non-boring PowerPoint and video.

An insightful look at improving communication to become more successful…with dozens of everyday examples that will leave your members chuckling in recognition. Discover “where your listener is coming from” and how to tailor your communication style to get what you need. Review the eight most abused words that could cost you business. And race back to your office and change your voice mail greeting, lest you sound like one of his hilarious real-life examples.

Do you eat M&Ms in color order? Alphabetize your cereal boxes? Rearrange the dishwasher because you don’t like the way your significant other loaded it? If so, you’ll appreciate Todd’s take on business and life. (If not, there’s still hope.) You’ll howl as he acts out voice mail greetings, showing how we waste 240 hours each year waiting for the beep. His demonstration of the “correct” way to order fast food will challenge you to consider where your listener is coming from. And his recollection of junior high English teacher Miss Reiser will bring back memories of your own (fond or otherwise).


“The perfect balance to a heavy business meeting. You’ll be a tough act to follow next year!”

— International Association of Administrative Professionals

“Thanks for kicking off our first virtual conference on a high note. Your use of props and video kept our members engaged and entertained. Much more interesting than watching somebody read slides.”

— Arkansas Association of School Business Officials

“Your ability to capture the audience and engage them in laughter, not only at life situations but at themselves as well, is truly a gift.”

— Illinois Cemetery & Funeral Home Association

“ Our members really enjoyed themselves and I am still hearing positive feedback!”

— Indiana Farm Bureau

“Your humor added just the right touch to our convention, and you challenged us to take a good look at how we communicate (or miscommunicate, as the case may be) with customers and employees.”

— National Closet Group

“You have a great sense of humor and are so entertaining—and I enjoyed how you wove the importance of good communication into it.”

— Project Management Institute New Jersey

“All of our guests — and we were a mixed group of dealership employees, educational leaders, students and parents — were laughing and agreeing with your analysis of communication blunders. It was nice hearing clean humor and learning valuable lessons at the same time.”

— Central Florida Auto Dealers Association

“You are a real HIT — thanks for helping make our convention a huge success!”

— Louisiana Association of Broadcasters

“Your captivating talk and personal experience with business communications was very entertaining and informational. You were a big hit with our members.”

— Cloquet Chamber of Commerce (MN)

“Very funny and entertaining, but also very thought provoking. Based on the comments I’ve heard this week, I think there was a lot of learning going on amongst the laughs. People identified with your customer service stories and the importance of good communications.”

— Pekin Area Chamber of Commerce (IL)

“People are still thanking us for bringing you in…Our group represented many areas — administrative, purchasing, operations, finance — and all levels, from entry to senior vice president. Your wit and insight into communications struck a chord with everyone…You poked fun at yourself first, which gave us permission to laugh at the many ways we miscommunicate with teachers, students, parents, administrators and each other. In such a fun, open atmosphere, the lessons really stuck.”

— Kern High School District (CA)

“We tried to ensure laughter was a big part of the program since we deal with so many serious situations with distraught customers. You certainly helped us get started on the right foot! You captured the audience’s attention well and were so entertaining but effective in getting across some important communication messages. I actually retained lots of your points to relay to our office staff today!”

— Claims Prevention & Procedure Council

“You’re the funniest speaker I’ve heard, and you made excellent points. Nice change from our usual accounting jargon.”

— Georgia Society of CPAs

“Thank you for your humorous and timely reminders of communication missteps. Many of our members commented on their enjoyment of your presentation.”

— American Academy of Implant Dentistry

“It is often challenging to find a speaker with a good balance of content and humor. Our program committee wanted to make sure members were engaged throughout the session while learning lessons they could take back to their offices. Your humor was refreshing, and based on content – not just funny for the sake of being funny.”

— Medical Group Management Association

“Thank you for making me laugh and laugh and laugh! I used to laugh a lot, but I don’t anymore. I needed this.”

— Akron Society for Human Resource Management

“I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard at myself. The material was engaging, the speaker was energized and I was thoroughly entertained as he shared some valuable communication tips.”

— Ohio Society for Human Resource Management

“Hiring you was the best thing our state association could have done for our 40th Annual Conference!”

— Wisconsin Park and Recreation Association
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