Todd Waites

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Arm amputee, Cancer Survivor, Executive, Musician and Motivational Speaker

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In each 60 minute session he shares his story, and the message that his arm isn’t what made him whole…that getting it back would not make him any more complete. That people who have everything often times have a poor self-image and do not live life to the fullest. This message is shared with personal stories incorporating comedy, inspiration, and a keyboard is brought as Todd demonstrates his journey of becoming an amputee through becoming an internationally acclaimed keyboardist.


“I really liked your message and enjoyed your playing….and you have cool hair!!”

— Mitch Albom, Author

“Todd Waites is one of the most amazing people I have met during my lifelong journey that has taken me around the world numerous times,  traveling millions of miles and playing thousands of shows.  I only mention all of that so you know I have met a lot of people in the past 27 years of traveling.  His story as a cancer survivor is certainly an incredible one by itself, but as a musician I find him even more inspiring.  When I close my eyes and listen to him play, I would never guess I was listening to someone with one arm!  He is a wonderful musician with great sensitivity and also has very good dexterity, taking on some difficult parts that many touring keyboard players could not cover with their left hand.  As a person, I can not possibly say enough about him.  The first time I met him, many years ago after I had played a concert with Rick Springfield in Ohio, it seemed like he had some kind of light around him with his big smile and extremely friendly demeanor.  There are those in life that lift you up and those that can bring you down and Todd is definitely the lift you up kind of person, where you just feel happy after spending time with him.  One of my favorite sayings is “leave the room better than when you entered it” and Todd certainly does that where ever he goes. I’m so very grateful to have him as a friend and fellow musician”.

— Derek Hilland, Rick Springfield / Whitesnake / Foreigner

“Todd’s playing approach and structure allows him to maximize his one hand to play keyboards in a way that sounds like he has two. He exemplifies what all keyboard players should follow. Kudo’s to Todd for achieving a seemingly impossible dream”.

— David Bryan, Bon Jovi
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