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Retail Expert, Founder of Profits Plus

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Tom Shay

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A Main Street district has two options in having strong retailers; they can search and recruit new businesses to join the existing businesses. Another option is to work with the existing businesses and help them to become better businesses. It is not that a district should select one over the other; instead, both should be utilized. This keynote by Tom Shay shows how to do the latter.

A challenging title that leads to the insight of what the best of small businesses do to thrive and profit in today’s challenging business atmosphere.

From the words of the ’60s song by the same title, hear what ‘Retha’s advice is for providing service to today’s customers.

While the media may be telling us of continuing doom and gloom, each business can control its’ own destiny. Here is a list of what to do, what not to do, and what to stop doing.

A great opening or closing keynote to energize Main Street staff and volunteers to successfully gain support within their community.

An energizing and challenging presentation to provide the landmarks for small business improvement.

While businesses spend thousands of dollars each year on direct mail, it too often seems the only way to get additional sales is to increase the number of flyers sent. There are however, ways for a business to get increased results from their flyers by the way merchandise is presented, how the business is first seen by the customer, and by the way the staff interacts with the customers. This session will help increase traffic flow with new and repeat customers while increasing the chances of selling merchandise that is not on sale.

Businesses that have a high average sales ticket and/or high sales per square foot do not enjoy this phenomenon by accident. Customers spend more in businesses that have made a special effort to invite them in and then utilize special techniques to get them to move about the business and look at merchandise. Attendees will learn that customers who spend more time in a business are more likely to spend money and spend more than the average customer. Attendees will also learn how to make sure their sales floors are tools to entice customers to boost their purchases to new heights.

54% of the small businesses that fail are actually profitable when they go out of business. Why? Tom Shay knows it is because these businesses have failed to understand their future cash needs. With this session, participants will be able to accurately project their future cash and inventory needs. This is a most unique and very valuable session. Even those with little understanding of their finances will be able to implement these most necessary strategies.


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