Tony Perzow

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Unleashing Human Potential Through Self-Discovery and Negotiation Mastery

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1 Video(s) By This Presenter

Why Do We Suck at Negotiating?

6 Programs By This Presenter

  • Negotiate in Teams: Understand the dynamics of negotiating as part of a team.

  • Speed-Read Personality Types: Learn to quickly identify and adapt to different personality types.

  • Nurture Your Adversary: Discover strategies for building rapport and fostering cooperation.

  • How Vulnerability Can Be Your Greatest Strength: Explore the power of vulnerability in negotiations.

  • Create a Climate of Agreement: Develop skills to create a positive negotiation atmosphere, even with difficult individuals.

  • Identify Your Leverage: Learn to recognize and leverage your strengths in negotiations.

  • Gather Pertinent Information: Discover the art of gathering crucial information to make informed decisions.

  • Plan and Prepare: Develop effective negotiation strategies and tactics through careful planning.

  • Create a Set & Setting: Understand the importance of the negotiation environment for success.

  • Avoid Information Leaks: Learn how to keep sensitive information confidential throughout negotiations.

  • Establish First Offers & Demands: Master the art of setting the initial terms in negotiations.
  • Strategically Concede on Price: Learn when and how to make concessions without compromising your position.

  • Avoid Discounting: Discover strategies to avoid unnecessary price reductions.

  • Expect More and Get More: Develop techniques to secure better deals and outcomes.

  • Avoid the Most Common Pitfalls: Identify and steer clear of the pitfalls that often hinder successful price negotiation.

Hard-Nosed Tactics by Tony Perzow
  • Use the Anchoring Principle: Harness the power of anchoring to influence the negotiation process.

  • Implement the ‘If-You’ Rule: Learn how to skillfully use conditional offers to your advantage.

  • Nibble and Counter the Nibble: Understand nibbling tactics and how to respond effectively.

  • Squeeze and Counter the Squeeze: Master the art of squeezing for concessions and how to counteract it.

  • Use ‘The Take It or Leave It’ Offer: Explore the effectiveness of ultimatums in negotiations.

  • Growing The Deal: Learn how to expand the scope of a negotiation for mutual benefit.

  • Implement Creativity in a Negotiation: Discover creative approaches to finding win/win solutions.

  • Customize a Deal: Tailor negotiations to the unique needs and desires of all parties involved.

  • How Trading Can Open Up Win/Win Possibilities: Explore the art of trading concessions to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

  • How Asking for Help Can Be Game-Changing: Learn how seeking assistance can lead to unexpected advantages in negotiations.

  • Become Aware of Your Own Triggers: Understand your emotional triggers and their impact on negotiations.

  • Avoid Transference with Adversaries: Learn how to maintain clear boundaries and avoid projecting your emotions onto others.

  • Recognize Your Own Cycle of Shame: Identify and address personal shame patterns that may hinder negotiations.

  • Release Resentments and Find Compassion: Discover techniques to let go of resentments and cultivate compassion.

  • Manage Anger and Fear: Develop strategies to handle anger and fear constructively during negotiations.


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“Tony is one of the most dynamic presenters I have ever met. He keeps the audience’s energy at impressive levels along his workshops. Tony is a subject matter expert who delivers 110% while keeping detail-oriented, pragmatic approaches to his instruction. In addition, his vast expertise with multinational corporations allows him to transfer numerous situation-based scenarios that apply to any industry. I absolutely recommend Tony for any negotiation training needs your company might have. Tony will deliver a memorable

— Medical Research Specialist, PFIZER

“One of the best presentations I’ve
attended in the past 23 years!”


“Tony Perzow delivered the most engaging, interesting and memorable presentation of negotiation tactics I’ve experienced.”

— Procurement, DAIMLER TRUCKS

“Material is great. Tony Perzow is
outstanding. Excellent at transferring knowledge, very engaging!”

— Vice President Of Finance, G.L. HUYETT

“Tony is one of my favorite instructors! He is knowledgeable, vivacious and doesn’t take himself too seriously. More importantly he is able to keep your attention for long periods of time. I recently had a need to train my team of production managers and Tony was my first choice, going with anybody else wasn’t even a possibility.”

— Head Of Production, RED BULL

Tony Perzow’s training session was very constructive for me. I considered myself not a novice in Negotiations, which is why I signed up for such a compressed training
session. But Tony was able to deliver nuances of Negotiation that I never thought of or even considered in the past. His way of demonstrating techniques is such that one never forgets.”

— Vice President Of Enterprise Solutions, PANASONIC
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