Eagles Talent Shares Our Top Ten 2016 Blogs for National Blog Posting Month

Posted by Alexis Washington

We celebrate the last day of National Blog Posting Month with our 10 favorite blog posts of 2016!

It was an eventful year, and these blogs cover a variety of topics and issues.


1. Who Are The Top 10 Motivational Keynote Speakers You Should Know for 2016We counted down our best motivational speakers of the year, featuring keynote speakers with inspirational life stories.



2. Top Ten 2016 African American Keynote Speakers for Black History MonthIn honor of this year’s Black History Month, we shared 10 African American keynote speakers who discuss a wide variety of topics.



3. 5 Top Diversity and Inclusion Keynote SpeakersAfter the historical 2016 Election, our nation was more divided than ever. These five speakers provide practical techniques on how to encourage inclusion, and embrace the diversity within your company.



4. Help Mallory Brown Celebrate her 30th Birthday in a GOOD way!All Mallory Brown wanted for her birthday was $30,000… for her CrowdRise 24- Hour Impact Project to educate and train women so they can start their own business in Chapa, Ethiopia!



5. Shark TANK vs Shark WEEK! Who’s More Ferocious!As the Discovery Channel started its Shark Week programming, we identified the sharks of the business world! Barbara CorcoranDaymond JohnRobert Herjavec and Lori Greiner are all on ABC‘s hit show Shark Tank. Outside of the shark tank, they are some of the top business keynote speakers.



6. ESPN Broadcaster, Speaker & Past Olympian Jessica Mendoza Gives Exclusive Interview: Jessica Mendoza took the time to talk about female barriers in professional baseball, softball and baseball in the Olympics, and her transition from athlete to keynote speaker.



7. Laura Schwartz and Eagles Talent are Orlando United on World Blood Donor Day!After the horrific and tragic Orlando shooting, Laura Schwartz was one of the many people to share messages of support. The shooting caused a high demand of blood for victims of the attack. Thankfully two days later it was World Blood Donor Day, and thousands donated for the cause.



8. Two Laughable Choices for Election Day 2016Not sure who to pick for this election? The Capitol Steps and The Politicos Comedy Brigade are two candidates we can all support! They both create political satire pieces, featuring impersonations of the most popular politicians



9. Former White House Official Laura Schwartz Goes Live on Facebook!: Laura Schwartz stopped by Eagles Talent to talk to our Executive Vice President, Sheldon Senek about: volunteering, networking, leadership, and even the 2016 Presidential election!



10. 2016 Wimbledon Winners vs Most Accomplished Physically Challenged Athlete in the World!Serena Williams and Andy Murray won the Women’s and Men’s singles tournament. However, not every athlete can be as physically gifted as them. Despite his struggles with ectrodactylism, tennis champion Roger Crawford is the only person in American history to be a Division I athlete and a United States Professional Tennis Association athlete.

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Posted by Alexis Washington
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