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National Best-selling Author and Behavioral Investigator with Science of People

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This is not your typical motivational speech. Vanessa will help your audience transform their fears into confidence using fascinating science. Vanessa blends powerful research with hilarious stories to help attendees be more authentically charismatic. From battling impostor syndrome to combating self-doubt, Vanessa’s personal stories and unique research inspires attendees in a whole new way. Every attendee will walk away feeling both motivated and ready to take action with Vanessa’s step-by-step framework. Vanessa dives into the strategies from her best-selling book Captivate, and covers brand new research. Including:

  •  How to make a memorable first impression
  • The (surprising) science of charisma
  • Stopping self-doubt
  • How to get people out of auto-pilot
  • How to talk to anyone and have captivating conversations
  • How to read people and uncover hidden emotions
  • How to stop getting interrupted

Vanessa will explore the latest neuroscience, behavioral economics, and psychology research of leadership in this exciting talk. From body language to brain patterns, she  will reveal the latest in leadership, communication, personality strengths and strategies, and then, most importantly, turn the science into practical tips the audience can start applying today. Whether your attendees are leading a business or team, or want to be a leader in their personal life, Vanessa will help them apply the latest leadership research and harness the power of leadership. Specifically, she will cover:

  • How to speak so people will listen
  • The 3 steps highly motivated people use to change their behavior
  • The body language of leaders
  • How to combat fear with confidence
  • 5 ways to think like a leader
  • Why every leader should know about the Swan Effect

Do you know how to read people? In this talk, Vanessa will dive into the secret science of people and how they work. Attendees will learn how to leverage nonverbal and verbal communication tactics to improve their charisma, presence and confidence. From first impressions to elevator pitches to bonding with people, everyone needs to know the 5 basic nonverbal laws. Vanessa can also talk about human lie detection and speed-reading people. In this lively workshop, attendees will practice new body language skills and communication tactics to put them into action. Vanessa will dive into:

  • How to make a confident first impression with everyone you meet
  • The 5 power body language laws
  • The two main components of communication and how to leverage them
  • How to read hidden emotions
  • The body language of leaders

Start your event with a powerful call to action. Vanessa kicks your event off with an impactful motivational talk that will inspire attendees. Vanessa gives audience members practical tips they can use to bond and learn during the event while also getting them excited for what’s to come. From hilarious stories, to surprising tips, to tweetable moments, this talk is designed to be the perfect start to any event (and will have attendees buzzing about your event right from the start). Vanessa is happy to tailor the keynote to your conference theme and customize the curriculum to set attendees up for a successful event.

The end is just the beginning. The best way to end an incredible event, is with a powerful closing keynote. In this talk, Vanessa helps attendees take action on everything they learned and be motivated to take their next steps. This talk is designed to get attendees laughing and learning together. Make sure your attendees get value to the very last moment of your event. Vanessa will set the audience up for success with one last inspirational push that will get attendees excited for their next steps (and possibly even next year!). Vanessa is happy to tailor the keynote to your conference theme and customize the curriculum to successfully close your event.

Vanessa loves leading virtual trainings and lunch and learns for teams. In her online trainings Vanessa walks teams through digital communication strategies and how virtual teams can stay connected and productive. Vanessa reviews practical and actionable strategies attendees will use on the actual webinar!

  • How to be charismatic over email, chat, phone calls and video calls
  • How to sound clear and confident on the phone
  • Tips and strategies for effective video calls
  • How to run productive digital meetings (and avoid those awkward silences)
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