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First African-American Female Combat Pilot

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Vernice "FlyGirl" Armour – Reel
Vernice "FlyGirl" Armour – 1rst African-American Female Combat Pilot

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The bottom line is that we have to move into action from where we are! Unfortunately, many people become paralyzed in the process. Decide what you want, put your stake in the ground and execute! Vernice calls this making a commitment to the commitment. Give your organization the boost they need to come together as a team, understand how their objectives support the overall strategy, and accomplish the mission achieving the desired results!


  • Elevate the leader inside using the Breakthrough Mentality mindset
  • Utilize FlyGirl’s Flight Plan to harness a “No-Settle” Attitude
  • Overcome Challenges and Obstacles as individuals and, more importantly, as a team
  • Get Unstuck from wherever they are, whether they just on-boarded or are in senior leadership
  • Re-ignite their understanding of how they impact and propel the team…we win together – we lose together
  • Re-Engage with true purpose and vigor

Put passion back in your life and design the path to your dreams with a Breakthrough Mentality! Be inspired by Vernice’s personal story of setbacks, challenges, adventure, success and triumph. Vernice takes you on an amazing journey through her life experiences and, most importantly, the lessons learned. Unleash the personal leadership power needed to take your life to the next level!


  • How Passion, Purpose & Positive Steps create breakthrough results and shape your destiny
  • The Tangibility of Possibility
  • Delay is not Denial and to Retreat does not mean Defeat
  • How to ignite your spark and make YOUR dreams a reality!

One Mission, One Goal, One Team!

Vernice reveals, as a former Diversity Officer for Headquarters Marine Corps and liaison to the Pentagon, what it took to help a 200,000 personnel organization get back on track! When you bring people together, you will have differences and similarities that result in tension and complexities…THIS IS NORMAL! How you MANAGE diversity is the key!

The participant will discover how to:

  • Know your people and harness the power, skills and talents of the team
  • Unleash the full potential of diversity to impact the bottom line
  • Effectively tap into the power of the Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)
  • Teach everyone to be an ambassador for diversity
  • Create a culture that values and respects all team members: One Mission, One Goal, One Team!

IMAGINE, no more struggling on your own to figure it out. If you’re tired of settling, you’re willing to do the work and you want it given to you straight, then FlyGirl will show you how to get off the tarmac, get into flight and achieve the most challenging goals in your business. If you’re sick of being overwhelmed, overworked and underappreciated make an explosive transition to the top by learning her battle-tested business strategies, NOW! Get on the fast track, Get Gutsy and Get Going!


  • The precise secrets she relied on to go from knowing NOTHING about being an entrepreneur to earning 6 figures in less than 12 months
  • How to finally get crystal clear on what you really want and exactly how to get it
  • 3 simple steps to transforming your fear into fuel
  • The #1 thing you can do to get all the help you need faster than you ever imagined

We’re in a tremendous time of change. Having the clarity, courage and power to truly Engage and lead during this time of transition is key. Get clear about your direction and what success looks like for you AND your team. Are you willing to explore taking the courageous steps towards innovation? Leadership under pressure, innovative execution and utilizing battle-tested best practices will be the keys to your organization accomplishing its goals.

This keynote will focus on:

  • Overcoming Organizational Challenges and Obstacles by maintaining “One Mission, One Goal, One Team” focus.
  • Maintaining a Breakthrough Mentality
  • Employee and Leadership engagement
  • Innovative thought process


“Vernice was highly personable and easy to work with during the event. The audience found her message to be engaging and inspiring. I thought she went above and beyond in connecting with participants after the event.”

— Teamhealth

“If you are seeking someone with the skill sets, knowledge base and personality to help bring out the best in your workforce; if you need an expert who can explain the link between diversity and the bottom line; if you want a keynote speaker who will attract attendees and hold them in their seats as they hang on every word, then Vernice Armour is a must get.”

— MWIB Magazine

“I was so inspired, I hit the ground running with several ideas that I have been planning for months now”

— Bank of America

“Vernice, you’re the first speaker we’ve ever had to get a rating of 5 from all attendees!”

— ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership

“There’s no shortage of achievements. You’re awesome girl… You’re awesome!”

— Oprah
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